The next bear market will be the worst in at least 78 years, warns co-founder of Soros’s legendary Quantum Fund

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Jim Rogers once again hammered home the idea that the flood of money flowing from central banks are artificially keeping markets around the world afloat. He’s been calling for a nasty selloff for a while now. See full story.

PayPal earnings bolstered by pandemic’s e-commerce boom, but stock still falls

PayPal Holdings Inc. topped expectations with its third-quarter results Monday as the company continued to benefit from booming e-commerce adoption during the pandemic. See full story.

Investors pine for a ‘clear victory’ — what’s at stake for markets on Election Day

Political uncertainty is casting a shadow over markets. Here’s what investors need to know going into Election Day. See full story.

Trump takes polling lead in North Carolina and Biden remains ahead in other battlegrounds, with one day until election

On the eve of Election Day, President Donald Trump edges ahead of Joe Biden in North Carolina polling, according to one widely followed average of surveys, but Trump remains behind overall in swing states. See full story.

I have nearly $600,000 in student debt after getting four college degrees. Can I still buy a home?

The coronavirus pandemic has complicated the process mortgage lenders use to underwrite home loans for people with student debt. See full story.


Black households are almost twice as likely not to have any stock-market investments, one recent study shows. See full story.