Takkarist McKinley in war with Falcons after revealing trade secrets

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Defensive end Takkarist McKinley wants out of Atlanta, and could face disciplinary action for his overt contempt for the organization.

The disgruntled former first-round pick took to Twitter a day after an uneventful NFL trade deadline to voice his frustration with the Falcons’ unwillingness to trade him for the second year in a row.

“These @AtlantaFalcons turned down a 2nd round draft pick when I requested to get traded last year,” McKinley wrote. “The same @AtlantaFalcons turned down a 5th and 6th round draft pick from multiple teams when I requested to get traded this year.”

He ended the mini-tirade with a self-dig and three clown emojis.

“I only have 17.5 career sacks. 🤡🤡🤡”

Falcons interim head coach Raheem Morris responded to the drama in Wednesday’s press conference and was critical of McKinley for handling the situation poorly. He added that the defender will be “held accountable for his actions.”

Atlanta Falcons defensive lineman Takkarist McKinleyGetty Images

“I think it’s just immaturity and right now it’s just an immature way to act about a situation,” Morris said of the 25-year-old edge rusher while addressing reporters. “The wrong way to go about it is definitely the way Takk is handling it now, so as soon as we get an opportunity to talk to him about those things and how he’s handling that situation, that will be the first and foremost thing we should handle first.

“And then you figure out about getting him healthy as far as his groin, and then you figure out if he’s even able to be on the team — if that’s even possible at this point. So we’ll move forward, and we’ll move forward swiftly and we’ll move forward accordingly but right now, the one thing I do know is he won’t be able to help us for the Denver Broncos.”