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It has recently come to our attention that investor Lou Basenese supposedly uses a trading secret that allows him to peer into the exact dates in which a profit can be made through the stock market. Particularly, he introduces the notion of “ tracking numbers,” affirming that these specific numbers are all it takes to “get in and out of certain stocks for potential gains of 1,000% or more.”

What’s more, the supposed “tracking numbers” only affect 19% of the NASDAQ stocks. With further research, Lou claims to have discovered that one particular U.S. government agency is responsible for it all and that they’ve recently got caught. Having tested the tracking numbers, himself – composed of a mixture of letters and numbers – he soon made 1,311% gains off of just one stock.


As appealing as this all sounds, where does one even behind to learn about these tracking numbers? How did Lou make use of this type of information? According to the expert, it was a matter of locating a stock with one of the tracking numbers, placing a stock buy, and waiting until the stock goes upside around the future’s delivery date.

So, what accounts for the aforementioned 19%? Tracking numbers majorly affect the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors because they represent different clinical trials conducted by firms. To make things crystal clear,  Lou put together a report that reveals all!

What is Lou’s “reveal-all” report about?

Dubbed “ My Secret Listing of the Most Lucrative Stock “Tracking Numbers” In the Next 3 Months”,  this report houses tracking numbers that Lou has been following and anticipates seeing an upside in a matter of three months. Inside it, investors will come to learn of:

  • 3 Biotech and pharmaceutical companies attached to those tracking numbers
  • How to decipher such companies using the FDA Form 1517
  • A complete schedule of when the stock picks are expected to move upward

How does one access Lou’s report?

To access the above report, individuals will first have to become a member of Lou Basenese  Biotech Trader. Biotech Trader is described as a high-level trading research service that runs month after month. Throughout this service, members will gain access to all of Lou’s top picks for biotech stocks. Whether it be a sneak-peek into early-stage biotech companies or companies that are ready to reveal their clinical trial results, Lou claims to reveal everything he’s gathered to his members.


Anyone wondering how much experience they should have before walking into such a service turns out that individuals can all benefit from it. This means no prior trading experience is required to use this service. In fact, all individuals have to do is open their emails, read through the research that he conducts beforehand, and make a final decision based on everything they’ve learned thus far. With that said, let’s now turn to Lou’s approaches to picking profitable biotech companies.

What are Lou’s strategies for picking biotech companies?

Lou claims to use a 7-step process that guarantees biotech profits, if not most of the time.

Step 1. Tracking Biotech Companies

Normally, he starts by using the FDA’s Form 1517 to find biotech stocks with clinical trials, namely, keeping track of news on positive outcomes.

Step 2. How Big or Small Are These Companies

Next, he assesses whether his companies of choice carry financial backing. Obviously, clinical trials require money, and, in such cases, the source needs to be researched.

Step 3. The Contributions of the “New Drug” to Society

In this step, Lou aims to find an answer to whether a company’s newly developed drug contributes to a “hot new trend.” In 2020, this trend would be a cure for COVID-19.

Step 4. How Many Drugs are in the Works?

What good is it if a company only focuses on one drug, right? Lou insists that the more drugs a company aims to develop, the more clinical trials ensued with even more FDA dates that can be taken advantage of.

Step 5. The Question of Cash Flow

The goal is to invest and make a profit without taking heavy risks. Part of this is based on how much money a company has on hand. As long as it is a substantial amount, Lou asserts that he will follow the company.

Step 6. Possible Partnerships with Big Pharm

Lou believes that small biotech stocks that  have established partnerships with big names almost guarantee an upside trend. Such news is often received positively by investors, lending to market psychology, and consequently, boosting stock value.

Step 7. How Small the Company is and How Much Gain It Has in Store

Big company stocks need to be held onto over the long run to see their numbers double in value. However, the same cannot be said about small companies. Lou prefers to pick companies that are often ignored at first, and when things pick up, garner a lot of attention.

Clearly, he has a complete thought process before making any recommendations. Lucky for members today, the expert created an in-depth guide on his 7-step process he calls “The 7 Steps to Biotech Heaven.”

What do members get out of Biotech Trader?

As previously noted, Biotech Trader runs monthly, which means that members will receive  a total of 12 stock recommendations  throughout the year-long membership. Other perks include:

  • Report 1.  “My Secret Listing of the Most Lucrative Stock “Tracking Numbers” In the Next 3 Months”
  • Report 2.  “The 7 Steps to Biotech Heaven”
  • Bonus 1.  “The Secret to Trading Stock Market Tracking Numbers For Fun and Profit”
  • Bonus 2.  “The COVID-19 Trading Handbook”
  • No limit, no-questions-asked 30-day guarantee

How much does a membership to Biotech Trader cost?

Since Biotech Trader is a brand-new service, Lou decided it would be best to  welcome members with a heavy discount. Hence, a year-long membership to Biotech Trader is currently offered at a special charter discount price of $995. This has also been supported by the previously mentioned 30-day money-back guarantee and member incentives.

Meet Lou Basenese

Lou Basenese has a well-rounded background that makes him apt for the role of an editor. In particular, he claims to have helped direct over $1.5 billion at Morgan Stanley. Additionally, he spent 16 years of his career as an independent analyst and investor, who, at some point, co-founded one of the largest financial publishers with well over $20 million in annual revenue and 700,000 daily readers. In 2014, he founded Disruptive TR, which resulted from his passion for “all things tech.” Today, his goal with Biotech Trader is to create a learning environment free of intimidation and confusion, all while welcoming every one of any trading experience.

Final Verdict

Biotech Trader is as self-explanatory as it gets; it is a research service led by investor Lou Basenese, who will be disclosing his top biotech stock picks throughout the year. What makes this service one carrying potential value is how open and forthcoming Lou is in sharing his research tools and other materials that might support his learning curve. It is rare to see an editor go over their tips and tricks with members, which is very tasteful. Moreover, for those who are just beginning their journey in the stock market, such knowledge can be beneficial. While the price may seem hefty at first, individuals need to realize that Biotech Trader was supposed to be offered at a yearly price of $5,000. Then there are other factors, including Lou’s experience, time spent doing research, getting in touch with industry leaders, etc. For these reasons,  Biotech Trader remains on our radar as well!

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