Pollster predicts a Trump victory for 2020 election

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MARIA BARTIROMO, FOX NEWS ANCHOR:  Good Sunday morning, all. Welcome to “Sunday Morning Futures.” I’m Maria Bartiromo.

Today: the closing arguments. With just two days until Election Day, voters assess the economy, Middle Eastern peace, coronavirus, and corruption.

We go on the campaign trail, first with GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and the 17 seats he needs to take back the House.

Plus:  Will it come down to just two states for a President Trump second term?

Two leading pollsters, Robert Cahaly on why Donald Trump will be victorious, and Mark Penn on why Joe Biden is leading in the polls.

Plus: breaking news on corruption exposed, as we learn a second Hunter Biden laptop was seized by the FBI in February. Senator Ron Johnson and investigative reporter Peter Schweizer with new information on their investigation of Biden’s big money deals and influenced peddling.

And fresh off of a Supreme Court victory, Senator Lindsey Graham is here on a tight Senate race in South Carolina.

Plus:  Will black America tip the scales for President Trump?


CANDACE OWENS, HOST, “THE CANDACE OWENS SHOW”:  So, the stakes are higher.

And every poll that you look at shows — I don’t care if you’re looking at a left-leaning poll or a right-leaning poll — they show the black support for Donald Trump has increased.

And that’s a detrimental threat to the Democrat Party, who cannot afford to lose even five points of the black vote, or else their entire party is finished.


BARTIROMO:  Football great Herschel Walker, now a producer and film star, on the movement happening in the African-American community.

All that and a lot more right here, right now on “Sunday Morning Futures.”

But first this morning:  House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy visited more than 33 cities last month and believes President Trump has all of the must- win battleground states in the bag, except for two.

He joins me right now.

Congressman, good morning to you. Thanks very much for being here.

REP. KEVIN MCCARTHY (R-CA):  Good morning, Maria. Thanks for having me back on.

BARTIROMO:  So, tell us what you’re seeing out there. I know you have been visiting all of these cities. And you have also traveled with the president a bit.

What can you tell us?

MCCARTHY:  You know, Maria, I went to 33 cities just last month. And some of that was with the president in different parts of the country, from Miami to Arizona.

And I just see the enthusiasm. And that’s what we’re not seeing on the Biden side, these crowds of 25,000, 50,000. And what you’re finding, if you check these early votes, the — what has closed in the last few days is amazing.

If you take most of the battleground states, the president is in a stronger position than he was in 2016. You look at Arizona, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Georgia, the president has a better position than he did four years ago.

And that’s why this is going to be a close race.

It all determines if whether people will turn out on Election Day. And there’s a scary part here, because, two years ago, there was 8.8 million people who voted in 2016 who did not vote in 2018. And that gave the power to Nancy Pelosi and the House. Had they voted like they did in 2016, the Republicans would still have control of the House, and we would not have Nancy Pelosi as the speaker.

So, it really comes out to who turns out on Election Day will determine who is the president of the United States for the next four years and who can control Congress and the Senate.

BARTIROMO:  I know we have a lot of important conversation around Pennsylvania. The president was in Pennsylvania yesterday, and you see the crowds just from this picture that we have from last night’s rally.

And, yesterday, he did several rallies. He’s got five rallies today. And, this morning, we have got news from The Pittsburgh Gazette. The Pittsburgh Gazette is endorsing President Trump, saying, based on jobs, trade, China, and fracking — there’s the pictures from the turnout in Pennsylvania and the headline from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Tell me, Congressman, what are the most important states? You have said it does come down to two states and the turnout. What are they?

MCCARTHY:  Well, let me tell you that.

But what’s so important about The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, they have not endorsed a Republican since 1972. So, they weighed what is best for Pennsylvania. Well, the record for Donald Trump is by far the best, if you care about the economy, if you care about rebuilding this country, and if you really want somebody in the Oval Office who believes America is exceptional and somebody — instead of somebody who is depressed about this country.

That’s why they went with Donald Trump.

Now, I believe the president has a very strong position in Texas, in Georgia, in Ohio, in Florida, in North Carolina. I think it really comes down to if you look at where Pennsylvania is and Arizona. If the president’s able to pick those up, that’s 280 electorate. He only needs 270.

We could not have Michigan, but we are very close in Michigan. We can win John James to make sure we control the Senate. You look at Wisconsin building the other way.

These crowds are the best polls that you can find. You can see time and again Joe Biden, when he has to campaign more than one event a day, it becomes into question whether he can handle the stress or the physical ability to do the job. Think about how stressful it would be to be in the Oval Office.

And now we’re seeing President Trump. I have never seen somebody with this work ethic. I have never seen somebody that can handle the pressure that he has. And what is he able to do? He’s got 10 more rallies in two days. He has crowds that we have never seen before. And he’s got an enthusiasm.

And I’d rather be in that position than being Joe Biden wondering whether you are going to get a few people to pull up in a car.

BARTIROMO:  Well, you know, it’s interesting, because I notice that Biden is going back to some of the places that many people expected were Democrat anyway.

Why go back to Michigan? Look at the shot of this electoral map from StatesPoll.com, which comes up with a victory for President Trump for the Electoral College. You’re saying that Texas is already in the bag, Florida, because these were very important swing states that were real close.

Even though, historically, you would think Texas and Florida go Republican, why are they as close as they are, Congressman?

MCCARTHY:  Well, I don’t think any state is in the bag. It all determines, will people turn out and vote?

And if I look at the early vote and I look at the vote coming on Election Day, I think it’s going to be disproportionately more Republicans turning out on Election Day, because they want to see their vote go in and actually hand it in.

What you’re going to find is, I believe, in those other states, the president is in a great trajectory. But everybody needs to turn out to vote.

What’s very important is, not just for the president, for the Senate and for the House, you need a Congress that is willing to work for America, not just put politics — I mean, Maria, think what you just saw last week, 33.1 percent GDP growth, the greatest in the history of America.

We were able to do that even though we had a speaker of the House that was trying to harm this economy by holding up another COVID relief bill. She wants to win the election by making America hurt more. But this president took action, administrative action, to make sure that wouldn’t happen.

So, we can rebuild this economy bigger than we ever have before. We can defeat this virus, and we can keep our streets safe and secure. But that’s only if you turn out to vote and have a Congress that will work with this president and give President Trump another four years.

BARTIROMO:  Will you be able to take back the House?

I remember when you and your colleagues were first coming out with your tax legislation plan, which the president signed into law at the end of 2017.

Nancy Pelosi said it would be Armageddon.

Now we are looking at, actually, the needle moved on economic growth, despite this disaster of COVID. What are your plans in terms of policy should you take back the House?

MCCARTHY:  Maria, if we are fortunate that the American public would trust us, we put out a Commitment to America.

First and foremost, we will defeat this virus. We have a vaccine, not one, but many, coming up, not years from now, but weeks away, therapeutics. We believe we would actually make streets safer, not defund the police, but add money to it, almost $2 billion for training, community policing, and

500,000 new body cameras.

We would rebuild this economy, actually add 10 million jobs in the next year. That’s — yes, we would add more to taxes, tax reform, because why?

We have got to rebuild the small businesses that have been hurt as we move through this.

But we would also end our dependency on China, bring that supply chain back to America, see those manufacturing jobs. And we have got a five-year plan for an infrastructure bill that rebuilds our streets, our highways, our airports, and makes sure every single house has the Internet.


Well, I know that you doubled the standard deduction in that tax plan. The Biden/Harris team are saying they are going to raise taxes on anybody over $400,000. But if they’re reversing the tax plan, all income levels see higher taxes, since you doubled the standard deduction, correct?

Real quick. We have got to jump.

MCCARTHY:  That’s — very quick.

Doubling the standard deduction lets people actually keep more. And what we found, instead of one in three have to itemize, only one in 10 are doing it. So, they make taxes more difficult. They make you raise the taxes.

And when they go after corporations, remember everyone who got a pay raise, remember everyone who got a bonus. All those go away. And the child credit.


MCCARTHY:  That’s actually brought more money home to the families.

But the one thing we have to remember, Maria, you have to vote. And let’s not let these networks call this election too soon. While there’s still a poll open, no network should be calling this election and disfranchise somebody’s vote.

BARTIROMO:  Yes, I know you sent a letter to all the network bosses.

Congressman, it’s good to see you this morning. Thanks very much.

We will see you soon.

Of course, we are looking on the side of your screen on President Trump’s rally. We’re going to take you there should he show up sooner.

We will take — slip in a short break.

And then, the short break, after that, pollsters Mark Penn and Robert Cahaly are here with two different predictions for how Tuesday’s presidential election plays out. You will want to hear both.

We’re looking ahead on “Sunday Morning Futures” when we come right back.


BARTIROMO:  Welcome back.

With just two days to go until the big vote, the latest FOX News polls show the race for the White House is tightening.

We know that President Trump outperformed most polls in 2016. Can it happen again?

Joining me right now is Trafalgar Group chief pollster Robert Cahaly, who accurately predicted the 2016 election, along with former Clinton chief strategist and managing partner of The Stagwell Group Mark Penn.

Great to see you, gentlemen, this morning. Thank you so much for being here.

We want to get up to speed on where we are.

It’s interesting to me, Robert, that your polls are so different than the broad number of polls out there. Can you tell us what you’re seeing, Robert?


And what we’re seeing is a movement toward Trump with late breakers. We are also seeing folks that had initially given every indication they were going to support Biden or they were undecided moving toward Trump.

And the issue we see moving on is shutdowns. Even young people who have identified that they don’t like the president, they like shutdowns even less. Even suburban women who say they have problems with the president, they like their children at home and shutdowns even less.

BARTIROMO:  Very interesting.

Mark, what are you seeing?

MARK PENN, PRESIDENT, THE STAGWELL GROUP:  Well, we’re seeing a race that’s about seven, eight points. And so that’s a tough one for Trump to make up, particularly with weaknesses in the suburbs and with seniors.

I think the — Kevin McCarthy was right. This does come down to Pennsylvania and Arizona. But that’s only if the president clears Florida, where it’s within the margin of error, and North Carolina, where it’s in the margin of error as well.

BARTIROMO:  Now, Robert, you break out the local races within your polls.

Tell me how you’re polling differently than others.

CAHALY:  Well, one of the things we do is, we try to give people a more comfortable environment to participate anonymously. We think, the more anonymous someone participates, the more honest they are

I think it’s one of the problems with most of the polls out there, is that there is this thing called the social desirability bias, where people don’t give their true opinion because they don’t want to be judged or thought harshly of.

And so we try to minimize that. We also do very short surveys, so that we get average people to participate. This model of calling people with 20, 30, 40 questions, people just don’t have time, and they don’t participate.

So, average people often get undercounted.

BARTIROMO:  And, Mark, you also have the Harris Poll.

How is that done? Are you calling people at home? Are you doing cell phones? Is there a population of people that you’re reaching out to more than others? Tell us what’s behind your polling.

PENN:  Look, we take a broad sample on the Internet. And we give people the anonymity of the Internet. And we look out for various biases. Are we getting enough rural voters, for example?

But I think we are getting enough rural voters. The questions here are a little bit more in the suburbs. I also — we also have to look at the complexity here of mail-in voters, because half the people who say they mailed it in are heavily Democratic, and the people who are supposed to show up on Election Day, heavily Republican.

So, a lot of this will be about Election Day turnout. And no poll can measure that exactly right. But I’m telling you, seven or eight points, that is a tough one for even a cat with nine lives.

BARTIROMO:  What do you think about that, Robert, what you’re hearing from Mark?

And we talked when we spoke on the phone yesterday about Iowa. The Iowa poll is being spoken about a lot. And I also want you to talk about Pennsylvania, because there’s also worry that we’re not going to know at the end of the night on Tuesday night.

And there’s this ballot — this mail ballot hanky-panky going on in the last several weeks. What do you say to that?

CAHALY:  Well, first of all, I think the new Iowa poll kind of confirms what we have been saying all along. Iowa was not a real battleground state.

Joni Ernst was not ever really in trouble. I never bought into any of that.

Now, in Pennsylvania, it’s rather interesting. I keep hearing that the president is down in Pennsylvania because the Democrats have voted more than Republicans. Well, look at Pennsylvania’s registration. Its registration is so outweighed, Democrats by Republicans, if there weren’t Democrats voting for Donald Trump, he wouldn’t have won Pennsylvania the first time.

So, you can’t just assume, because Democrats are voting, that they’re not voting for Donald Trump, because they did four years ago.


That social question, I think, is so important. And we talk about that poll a lot that says, we’re not asking who you’re voting for, but we’re asking you who your neighbor is voting for. You think that indicates shy Trump support?

CAHALY:  I think it can. It’s a projection device. And there are lots of other ways that it’s done. And we are employing those this year.

But, you know, we’re living in a day and age where people are being shamed, they are being canceled. A lot of folks just aren’t interested in expressing a political — a controversial, at that, political belief on the telephone to somebody they don’t know.

BARTIROMO:  Mark, what do you think the number one issue is for voters today?

PENN:  The number one issue…

BARTIROMO:  Is it the economy, coronavirus, or something else?

PENN:  Well, we see the number one issue is the virus. Number two is really the economy. Three is health care.

You notice the Republicans still didn’t close the gap on health care. I think that, clearly, Trump has an advantage in every poll, 10, 12, 15 points, on the economy. That is his absolute strong suit here.


PENN:  And, on the virus, Joe Biden has the advantage, even if he didn’t manage it. And that’s, I think, the way the polls are all showing.

BARTIROMO:  All right.

I think, real quick, Robert, before you go, before you guys go, it’s interesting to look at the African-American and Hispanic vote. We have been hearing a lot of outreach from that community in this election cycle. We haven’t seen that before.

What can you say about those groups? We are going to speak with Herschel Walker, one of the outspoken people that have talked a lot about support for Trump, coming up in the program.

CAHALY:  Well, what we have found in the African-American vote is, it is absolutely moving toward Trump.

And whereas some of those votes were shy voters before, they’re not so shy anymore, and led by strong people like Herschel Walker and some of the other major folks in the black community who have endorsed, not to mention the information provided in the debate, where, all of a sudden, so many people heard all the things Trump had done for this community.

These guys are thinking and making their own decisions, and not going to be taken advantage of or taken for granted. And who can blame them?


CAHALY:  It’s a strong move. I think it’s going to make a difference.

BARTIROMO:  They are going to talk about the Platinum Plan. We will be talking about that coming up.

Robert Cahaly and Mark Penn, thank you very much, gentlemen. It’s good to see you both.

We will take a break.

When we come back, we will catch up with South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. He’s on the campaign trail, where he’s wanting to defend his seat in a tight race that also could also determine the balance of power in the Senate.

Stay with us.


BARTIROMO:  Welcome back.

The presidential election not the only race on Tuesday.

In the Senate, Republicans are fighting to keep their majority, with 35 seats up for reelection this year, including the one held by South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham.

He’s been campaigning all weekend. He joins us this morning with an update.

Senator, it’s good to see you. Thanks very much for being here.


BARTIROMO:  Do you have the momentum?

GRAHAM:  Thank you.

Yes, I think I do. Number one, my opponent has raised more money than anybody in the history of the United States Senate. Liberals all over the country hate my guts because I stood up for Kavanaugh, I’m helping Trump.

I need to close the money gap. I’m here with Nancy Mace, who is trying to take back the Charleston House seat. So, help us both.

But the momentum is real — and let me tell you why — for Trump and me, Judge Barrett.

When I mention Amy Barrett’s name, it gets a louder applause than Trump or Graham. She is a twofer. She excites the base. And 51 percent of the people who watched the hearings approve of her.

Thirty-three percent GDP growth right before the election is huge for President Trump. People see hope after the virus.

The other thing is, the war being declared by Biden on oil and gas was maybe the biggest political mistake in a debate in modern history, where Joe Biden says, we’re going to go out of the oil and gas business, making us energy-dependent.

And I hear Hunter Biden a lot. People are beginning to reassess the whole Biden campaign. The Hunter Biden corruption is penetrating with independents.

And, finally, Donald Trump is working his butt off. These rallies are making a difference. Keep it up, Mr. President. The momentum is with Republicans. It’s with Trump.

BARTIROMO:  Well, let me just say that President Trump has touched down in Michigan.


BARTIROMO:  It’s about a 40-minute ride and drive to where his rally will be.

He’s going to have five rallies today alone.


BARTIROMO:  So, we know that the president has touched down.

Look, I want to ask you about the last point.

GRAHAM:  Isn’t it amazing?

BARTIROMO:  Yes, it’s amazing that he’s out doing five rallies in a day two days before the election. It is. I agree.

Look, Joe Biden is going to be in Pennsylvania, Senator. And I know that you say the oil and gas issue is real important. Pennsylvania is one of the must-win states, isn’t it?


Yes, I think the — his decision to announce at the debate, Biden’s decision, that we’re going to transition away from oil and gas, get out of the all and gas business, is a boom to Russia. You want to talk about Russia? You want to help Russia? Get America out of the oil and gas business.

Fracking is a big issue in Pennsylvania. It is a big issue in Texas and Ohio. I think it’s the biggest mistake Biden has made. Most people want to be energy-independent, not depend on the Mideast. Most people want millions of jobs in America, not crushing the oil and gas industry.

I’m for the environment, but I’m not for making us energy-dependent. Huge mistake. I think that alone flips Pennsylvania.

BARTIROMO:  Well, let me ask you about unrest and law and order.

Suburban women have been one group that the president is trying to appeal to.

GRAHAM:  Right.

BARTIROMO:  They were turned off by the president. I assume they want school choice for their families and they want law and order in place.


BARTIROMO:  Are we going to see rioting, should the president win a second term on Tuesday night? What can you tell us about your expectations once we have got the — once we have got the decision in?

GRAHAM:  I think we need to hunker down in some of these major cities.

All the liberal media is following me around. Help me at LindseyGraham.com. I have got everybody in the country on the liberal side trying to take me out because I’m helping the president, I stood up for Kavanaugh, and I got Amy Barrett through the process.

So, they ask me, will Donald Trump transition power peacefully?

Here is my question back to the media. Will you accept this time around that he won? I’m more worried about the liberals not accepting Trump winning than Trump not transferring power.


GRAHAM:  Yes, this is on the ballot for suburban women. Our cities are burning in these Democratic-controlled cities. We have got the cops back in South Carolina. Donald Trump is supporting the men and women in blue with police reform.

It’s a huge issue for women. But 33 percent increase in GDP right before the election…


GRAHAM:  … shows that Trump knows what he’s doing.

And if Biden wins, he’s going to increase taxes, he’s going to kill the economy, and they will lock our country down like Europe. That is definitely on the ballot.

Help me keep the Senate. I’m sorry.


BARTIROMO:  Well, also on the ballot…


BARTIROMO:  Also on the ballot is, on the other side, potential corruption, Senator.

What are you going to do to make sure to keep accountability? We still haven’t seen any news from John Durham’s investigation after the coup that failed to take President Trump down in 2016.

GRAHAM:  Right.

BARTIROMO:  Now we have got the Hunter Biden story.


BARTIROMO:  The FBI sitting on the laptop for a year, not telling anybody about it, even as they impeached President Trump for Ukraine news.

GRAHAM:  Right.

BARTIROMO:  What are you going to do, Senator Lindsey Graham, in terms of holding people accountable? Will you subpoena Hunter Biden, bottom line?

GRAHAM:  Well, the Homeland — that is Ron Johnson.

I have got McCabe coming in November the 10th. I have got the social media CEOs coming in November the 17th. But I’m going to have a hearing with the FBI about, why did you sit on the laptop so long?

What you see from the business partner of Hunter Biden is corruption at an industrial scale, influence peddling.

What have I — what have you learned through our time together? That it was Hillary Clinton in July trying to cook up a plan to link Trump to Russia in 2016. In September of 2016, she tried to attach Trump to Russia to deal with her e-mail problem to deflect.

We have learned there was Russian collusion, but it was between the Clinton campaign and it was between Russia.


GRAHAM:  Clinton and Russia, not Trump and Russia.

And we run that — learned that Crossfire Hurricane was the most corrupt investigation maybe in the history of the FBI. Durham is all over this.

After the election, you’re going to get a report. And I will be shocked if people are not indicted.

BARTIROMO:  All right, we will leave it there.

Our viewers are aware of all of that. And they want to see accountability, Senator. You know that. We will follow you…

GRAHAM:  Me too. Me too.

BARTIROMO:  … and watch you on the campaign trail.

Senator Lindsey Graham joining us.

Thank you so much, sir.

Coming up: corruption and cover-up.

Senator Ron Johnson and Peter Schweizer are here with new information on their investigations into the alleged Biden family corruption, including new details about what the FBI knew and when they knew it, as reports of a second laptop emerge.

They’re next right here.


BARTIROMO:  Welcome back.

Breaking news this morning on corruption exposed.

A Justice Department official has confirmed to Sinclair Broadcast that the FBI opened a criminal investigation into Hunter Biden and his associates in 2019, and that investigation is still active.

Senate Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson and Peter Schweizer, the author of “Secret Empires,” have conducted their own investigations into the Biden family deals, potential corruption.

They join me right now.

Gentlemen, good morning. It’s good to see you both. Thanks so much for being here.


SEN. RON JOHNSON (R-WI):  Good morning, Maria.

BARTIROMO:  Senator, I want to begin with you, because we know that the FBI now has this active investigation.

You have been sending letters to the FBI, trying to get as much information as you can in terms of what they know. What have you learned?

JOHNSON:  Well let me start, Maria.

I take no joy in uncovering and revealing the truth about the Bidens. I’m sure Peter doesn’t either. Those of us who are investigating this, we’re doing it for a very serious purpose, because this is a mess. It’s a huge mess. And it’s a mess that’s not going away, particularly if Vice President Biden becomes president.

It’s one of the reasons I have been saying for quite some time that I never felt that Vice President Biden should ever run for president. I think this is probably one of the reasons that President Obama did not encourage the vice president to run.

So, this is a huge mess. Here is further evidence of it, that the FBI apparently opened up an investigation in 2019.

One of the questions I would have is, why didn’t they open it up in 2018?

This is when they convicted Devon Archer of the Indian bond fraud. I think a lot of this information was probably available. Some of these transactions were occurring back then.

I mean, the question I have, did they not look into Hunter Biden because of his last name? It’s a serious question, the fact that we might — we probably have two systems of justice, one for Democrats and the well- connected and one for Republicans like President Trump and the rest of Americans.

That’s one of the reasons that the American people are losing confidence in agencies like the FBI.

BARTIROMO:  Yes, exactly.

Peter Schweizer, let’s assess where we are. We have got a list of some of the deals that we know about that Hunter Biden was involved in, whether it be the $1.5 billion that he got from the Bank of China after traveling with the vice president to China, or the $3.5 million that he got from Elena Baturina, the wife of the former mayor of Moscow, or the $4.2 million total that he got from Burisma in Ukraine, making $83,000 a month.

Assess where we are on this story. What do you know as fact?

SCHWEIZER:  Well, we know for a fact that what you just said is absolutely true, that Hunter Biden and, in some cases, James Biden, Joe Biden’s brother, were paid by foreign interests while Joe Biden was vice president of the United States.

And the big question that the Bidens have never answered, Maria, is, if you look at Donald Trump, before Donald Trump was president of the United States, he had all these business interests. He came into the White House.

You look at other political figures that have businesses, they’re selling products. They’re selling, in the case of President Trump, condos. The question with the Bidens is, what exactly are they selling? And no one has answered that question.

I mean, Hunter Biden is getting paid by energy companies, Ukrainian companies, he’s getting paid by private equity firms in China, when he has no background, no expertise, no experience in any of those areas.

So the fundamental question is, what was Hunter Biden being paid for? And it’s pretty clear he was being paid because his father was vice president, and these foreign entities wanted access and wanted favor from his father.

None of these foreign entities are running charities. So, the bottom line is, this is a classic follow-the-money story that needs to be investigated.

And, without a doubt, there is no dispute he was paid by entities. He did not have experience in these entities. Joe Biden had policy responsibility in the areas where these foreign entities were paying his family.

Those are alone enough to warrant serious investigation by the FBI. And I’m very glad that Senator Johnson and Senator Grassley took it up in the Senate, Maria. These are not popular issues to take up on Capitol Hill.

BARTIROMO:  That’s right.

SCHWEIZER:  And I’m glad they really have taken this and moved forward with it.

BARTIROMO:  Yes, but people want to see accountability, Senator.

Are you going to subpoena Hunter Biden? What’s stopping you from subpoenaing Hunter Biden? Are you getting pressure from within the Senate?

JOHNSON:  Well, you do need support, but you also need more documentation.

You need to build the case before you kind of bring in the prime target of the investigation.

So, we’re starting to get that information. Our report basically broke a logjam. People are coming forward. The computer shop repair owner stepped forward. Tony Bobulinski came forward.

Certainly, I would want to start subpoenaing people like James Gilliar and Rob Walker, the people that were involved with Tony Bobulinski as well. So, you have to build the case.

Listen, it’s enormously frustrating to me it has taken so long. And there has been resistance inside our conference. They’d rather concentrate on other things. But now that so much information is being revealed, that this is being laid out in all its gory detail, there’s — by the way, there’s a great article by Andrew McCarthy in The National Review, kind of building on what Peter has done about CEFC.

It looks like that’s just a direct arm of the Chinese Communist Party and being used to compromise the Bidens.

And in terms of the two words that Tony Bobulinski uttered in his interview with Tucker Carlson, plausible deniability and compromised, I would argue that anybody trying to work for a Biden White House, if they have the connections that Joe Biden and his family has with Chinese Communist Party, they would not get a security clearance.

That’s a serious issue to consider when you go into the polls and whether you’re going to pull a lever for Joe Biden. Again, this is a huge mess.


JOHNSON:  It’s not going away. It’s going to be a bigger mess if Joe Biden becomes president.

BARTIROMO:  You know what really gets me, Peter, is the fact that, for a year, more than a year, we have been talking about how China is stealing intellectual property from America, forcing the transfer of technology, as it acquires companies in Silicon Valley and all these other companies that are critical to America’s growth.

And yet this relationship between the Biden family and the Chinese, potentially, as Senator Johnson just said, companies tied to the CCP, has opened up the door for potential easy approval by CFIUS.

What do you know about that? Because this whole time, we’re talking about how China is stealing from America, stealing, intellectual theft, they want to acquire companies, and here you have an easy path to get approval by CFIUS.

SCHWEIZER:  That’s a vitally important point you just made, Maria, because, when you’re talking about Biden relationship with the Chinese, it’s not just about the family making a little bit of money on the side.

Hunter Biden was on the board of directors of BHR, a Chinese government- funded private equity firm. And what did they do when he was on the board of directors, when he owned part of that company? They acquired companies like Henniges in Michigan that produce dual-use technologies, anti- vibration technologies, that have civilian application and military application.

So, you have Hunter Biden participating in Chinese efforts to acquire Western or U.S. technology assets. That deal had to be approved CFIUS. So it was literally Hunter Biden sitting on the board of directors of a Chinese private equity firm, and his father’s administration approving the transfer of that company to a Chinese state-owned entity.

BARTIROMO:  Unbelievable.

SCHWEIZER:  It happened — it happened with other entities as well.

So it’s not — this is not just about money to the Bidens. It has serious strategic implications for the United States.

BARTIROMO:  Look, I did a one-hour special on China. I understand the national security risks. This is a really important point.

Real quick, before you go, Senator Johnson, you’re talking about three scandals. You say the Biden scandal is just one of three scandals. What are the other scandals?

JOHNSON:  Well, first of all, look at how much we know now about the Bidens that the mainstream media is not reporting.

So, there’s the second scandal, the suppression of this important — this important story by this — by the mainstream media and social media as well. It’s basic censorship.

And then, of course, the suppression by the intelligence community and the deep state. The fact that you had 50 — more than 50 former intelligence community officials write a cover letter for Joe Biden, I mean, the press and now the intelligence community and the deep state is in the tank for Joe Biden.

They knew exactly what that letter was going to be used to — by Joe Biden to say, oh, this is just Russian disinformation.

This is not Russian disinformation. This is important information the American voters need to hear. And the deep state and the media is covering it up.

So, those are the three scandals. They all have to be looked in to.

BARTIROMO:  Unbelievable.

JOHNSON:  They all represent an enormous threat to our democracy.

BARTIROMO:  And you questioned — you questioned Jack Dorsey from Twitter about suppressing this information.

Were you comfortable with his response at that hearing last week?

JOHNSON:  No, absolutely not.

No, he started his testimony, one of the problems is, the American people don’t trust us.

Yes, we don’t trust them at all. They are completely unaccountable. They are demonetizing businesses. They are suppressing and they’re censoring information. They have gained way too much power that is really acceptable in this — in America, and we need to address that seriously.

BARTIROMO:  All right, real quick, Peter Schweizer, you have got the last word here.

What’s most important about this story that we need to understand?

SCHWEIZER:  This is not a victimless crime. It has serious implications for American national security.

China has a strategy in Asia of buying off the political class in Australia and New Zealand. They are trying to do the same thing here in the United States.

BARTIROMO:  All right, we will leave it there.

Ron Johnson, Peter Schweizer, great to see you both, gentlemen.

We’re going to talk with Herschel Walker, football great, next on President Trump’s second-term promise to black America, why he believes it will win him reelection.



ICE CUBE, MUSICIAN AND ACTOR:  The fact that black people make up 13 percent of this country, but we’re living off of 0.5 percent of the wealth, not even a percentage point of the wealth in this country, should let everybody know. That should alarm everybody.


BARTIROMO:  That was hip-hop entertainer rapper Ice Cube, who joined me on “Mornings With Maria” this past week to talk about his fight for black America, which includes working with the Trump administration on the Platinum Plan to promote black economic empowerment.

NFL legend and football great Herschel Walker has been friends with the president for over 30 years, and wants the country to know about all the ways he’s helping the minority communities in his first term.

Herschel, it’s great to have you once again. Welcome back to “Sunday Morning Futures.”


BARTIROMO:  So, there’s a Rasmussen poll out this morning, Herschel — actually, it was out at the end of last week — that shows black American support for President Trump is up to 31 percent. That is a huge number.

Do you think that that is that strong? And what are you hearing from the community in terms of its support for the president?

WALKER:  Well, I do think that it’s that strong.

And what I’m hearing is that people of color are starting to educate themselves and really look at the policies, rather than just going and voting as your grandparents or your parents voted. They’re starting to look at things that’s going to benefit themselves and benefit their communities, which is very, very important.

But what’s sad to me is to have people like Chelsea Handler that is trying to put you back and not let you read or educate yourself to see what is fitting into your community.

BARTIROMO:  Yes, what about that?

Chelsea Handler was talking about Ice-T, saying:  Yes, I had to remind him that he was black.

What kind of a comment is that? What does that mean?

WALKER:  Well, it’s a racist comment, and it’s a comment that I think is very, very silly.

And, you know, that’s when you’re not — that’s when you want to say that something is racist. That’s a very racist statement, because he’s educated himself, something that fits into his agenda, what he’s doing. He’s talking about taxes, which the Biden administration is not telling the truth when they say that they are only going to tax the people that make $400,000.

But yet they are going to repeal the Trump tax plan. When people really look at it, they know that is not the truth. And people need to know that.

That’s one thing that I came out is to see the left continuing to lie about President Trump and to see what is going on.

So, I think America is starting to wake up, that people of color are starting to wake up. And I think that’s what is great for America, and that’s what’s great for this community, when you have everybody’s waking up to what’s going on.

BARTIROMO:  Yes, I mean, it was 50 Cent, obviously.

And 50 Cent apparently was Handler’s boyfriend. And 50 Cent said:  Look, I’m going to vote for Trump because I don’t want to be — go from 50 Cent to 20 Cent.

WALKER:  Well, and her saying that — and if she wants to be funny, because she’s a comedian, I said, well, that means he’s going to 20 Cent.

So, what you’re going to do now is, you’re going to make him vote. So, you’re going to cost yourself 30 cents, so you’re going to put yourself out there for 30 cents.


WALKER:  So, for four years, you only call a dollar 20, so that’s what you’re saying? I think you’re worth a whole lot more, Chelsea. So don’t sell yourself short.

BARTIROMO:  Unbelievable.

All right, Herschel, let’s take a short break. When we come back, I want to ask you more about this movement.

And tomorrow morning on “Mornings With Maria,” we continue the conversation with my exclusive interview Candace Owens. She’s going to join me tomorrow on FOX Business at 7:30 a.m. on why she believes the — black America will reelect President Trump.

We will be right back.


BARTIROMO:  Welcome back.

And we’re back with football legend Herschel Walker.

Herschel, we’re talking about the support from people of color for President Trump.

What do you think are the most important things that this president has done or is promising to do? He’s out with an op-ed, “President Donald J.

Trump: My Message to Black America,” talking about creating 500,000 new black-owned businesses, increasing access to capital in the black communities by almost $500 billion to create an era of new prosperity and to finally close the wealth gap.

What do you think would be most important that this president focused on?

WALKER:  Well, I think one of the most important things that he’s focusing on is education, creating a better education, where you’re going to also put jobs back into that community.

And one of the things, I take an example, is, I have a pastor here, my pastor, Tony Evans, here in Dallas started something called the urban development, where he put, like, credit unions into these communities, and he put, like, jobs, he put black-owned businesses, that they can take care of themselves, and the crime went down.

And that’s what President Trump is talking about, empowering that community, not just continuing to give this community something.

And I think that’s what Ice Cube was talking about, just talking this talk, without walking the walk. And President Trump has been showing that he’s going to do it through the historical black colleges. I think that’s one of the most important things that people forget about.

That’s when you’re going to put doctors and lawyers and educators in those communities. But, at the same time, let the African-American or the people of color take responsibility, and don’t just leave that community.

BARTIROMO:  Yes, I think…

WALKER:  That’s one of the things that people got to remember.

Go back in that community and work in that community as well to show other people of color you can do it.

BARTIROMO:  I think this is such an important point about education, Herschel, because one of the things that the president has talked about is school choice.

And this, by the way, is something that everybody wants. It’s not just one category that wants choice for their children. I don’t understand why the Democrats are against school choice.

WALKER:  Well, I do understand it.

That’s the reason they hold the people of color back. They don’t want you to educate yourself. Why in the world do you think right now, if you start voting for this president, they ridicule you, they get on your case?

Because you’re educating yourself on policies.

And you start educating yourself on policies, and you see that the policies that the Democratic Party has been delivering is a policy that doesn’t work. It hasn’t been working.


WALKER:  Joe Biden has been in this office for 47 years.

And I heard a statement the other day that I thought was really, really terrible…


WALKER:  … when I heard someone say:  I’m not voting for Joe, but I’m voting for Kamala Harris.

And that’s terrible.

BARTIROMO:  There you go.

Herschel Walker, great to see you this morning, sir. We will see you soon.

That’ll do it for us on “Sunday Morning Futures.”

I will see you tomorrow on “Mornings With Maria.”

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