Trump has put his own legacy at risk

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Republicans lost at least one U.S. Senate race in Georgia on Tuesday. And when the remaining ballots are counted, they may well lose both races. If so, Republicans will have blown what should have been a gimme shot for continued control of the U.S. Senate.

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If the result pans out as described above, then the most significant parts of President Trump’s legacy — his tax reform, his judicial appointments, and his deregulatory actions — will soon be at the mercy of whatever House and Senate Democratic majorities wish to do. For this, Trump has no one to blame but himself.

It should not have been close. Both of these races were easily winnable in Georgia, which had been a red state before Trump’s rise to power.

Republicans had two months to recover from Trump’s loss and rally the voter base in order to protect his legacy. But instead of behaving in a constructive manner, Trump and his surrogates spent the last month blanketing the Peach State with unfounded, irrational conspiracy theories about a stolen election, which at the very least imply that Georgians’ votes don’t matter, so they shouldn’t bother. At times, they have even explicitly discouraged conservatives from voting on the grounds that the system is rigged.

Trump himself has lobbied and bullied local Republican officials in an embarrassing and futile effort to get them to overturn the result of the Nov. 3 election. This gave the Democratic candidates who were vying to undo Trump’s entire presidency in the U.S. Senate, Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, an opening. Even as Trump was forcing their Republican opponents to indulge the fantasy that he might yet win and be inaugurated to a second term later this month, these Democrats were telling Georgian voters, accurately, that the president they narrowly rejected is staging a laughably ineffective coup.

Unfortunately for the Republican Party, nobody likes a sore loser, and Trump has been a sore loser of the most self-indulgent and least attractive type. As a consequence, Republican Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue struggled against two Democrats with thin resumes and carts full of personal baggage.

Ossoff’s flattering propaganda about the Chinese Communist Party and Warnock’s wife’s domestic violence call counted for naught on Election Day. That’s because Trump, in trying to bamboozle his way to victory from an election he clearly lost, sucked all of the oxygen out of the state.

Democrats, should they secure Senate control, will have the opportunity to confirm Biden’s judges, so long as they can stick together. Republicans will have lost much of their power to prevent whatever left-wing policy horrors the Democrats can serve up with control of both the executive and the legislature. They will be able to tie up the economy again after Trump cut it free from much red tape, and they will try to undo his tax reforms, which helped the economy boom.

Political parties only function and bring about positive incremental change when their members, especially their leaders, work together. Trump showed in the last weeks of his presidency that he cannot do this. He ultimately cares only about himself and dwells upon fantasies of a stolen election rather than dealing with the realities that the rest of his party must face.

Now, thanks to his selfish behavior, Democrats may very well possess the power to erase a good portion of the admirably conservative legacy he was trying to leave behind.

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