Reactions to ex-President Donald Trump’s 2nd impeachment (Your Letters)

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Impeachment ‘expert’ didn’t get his way

To the Editor:

Once again, the readers of the Post-Standard are subjected to the views of a professor that are both inaccurate and absurd (”What’s the point of impeachment? ‘To lay down a marker for history,’ “ Feb. 15, 2021).

The fact that Thomas Keck is a professor of political science does not make him an intellect on this subject. In addition, it would be more productive to the readership if the editors would afford the same amount of space for a conservative view.

That being said, this country has now witnessed two impeachments of President Donald Trump that were baseless and purely motivated out of hatred for an accomplished president who invaded the territory of do-nothing politicians who did not want their habitat disturbed.

The framers did not intend for impeachment to be taken lightly and now the precedent has been set. Thanks to the Democrats, impeachment will become a routine practice going forward and not consistent with the intent of the Constitution.

While I will not dissect the points he raised, Keck sounds more like a child who didn’t get his way than someone who should be held out by any publication as an intellect on impeachment.

Michael P. Russo


‘Magificent Seven’ mustered moral integrity

To the Editor:

While watching, transfixed, the Senate trial of former President Donald Trump and, more importantly, the courageous Magnificent Seven Republicans and their individual votes to convict, I was reminded of the movie of the same name, wherein seven aging gunslingers join forces with a bullied, disenfranchised and physically accosted citizenry to fight a tyrannical leader. It was heartening to see these individuals break ranks with their colleagues, who were days earlier cowering beneath desks and behind barricaded doors, and yet could not muster the same moral integrity, character and basic ethics to do the right thing. Some would suggest this trial only sought to further divide this nation, but it really brought into full light, the lies, hate and vitriol spewed forth these past four years from the Oval Office. As shocking as the videos were, highlighting the injuries, vicious rhetoric and deaths sustained, it somehow was not enough to persuade 43 Republican Senators who blindly follow a dangerous Pied Piper.

Going forth, the Republican Party is at an historical crossroads. Return to the party of Lincoln, split into two parties or join ranks with a new conspiracy-inspired next generation party and turn their back on decades of promise. I’m quite sure that Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Reagan would never recognize this party since its inception. The values instilled in the party under the preceding were eviscerated in 2015 and today’s party is not recognizable. Perhaps, some time soon, new voices will emerge with the strength of character and resolve to rest it back from the Joker King.

Tom O’Neil


Last months of presidency will be ‘open season’

To the Editor:

Well, here we are. By a vote of 57-43, in a decision where 67 votes were needed, former President Donald Trump has been acquitted in his second impeachment in a little more than a year’s time. The reason 43 Republicans stated for their refusal to convict was that Trump was out of office at the time of his trial. They blamed the “slow pace” of House action on filing the Articles of Impeachment with the Senate, which is unwarranted considering that act that instigated the impeachment was committed on Jan. 6, 2021, just 14 days before the inauguration of the new president, and the Senate was in recess (thus inaccessible) for most of the intervening time.

The real result of this decision is that America has reached the point of a new normal in presidential politics that goes beyond the Republican and Democratic parties. From this point forward, a sitting president who loses the next election can do anything he or she wants from the moment he or she loses the race until Inauguration Day on Jan. 20 of the next year. This period of more than two months will now be a “grace period” or “open season” for any and all actions that the sitting, but losing, president wishes to take: incite an uprising, refuse to send troops to quell the uprising, start a war with another nation, proclaim martial law for no reason.

Is that the kind of power we want an outgoing president who is leaving the highest office in our land to have? All that is needed to make this nightmare scenario come true is another president who is an egomaniac and puts his/her own welfare above the solemn oath our president swears to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Wake up, Americans!

Kathleen S. D’Amico


Speech didn’t sound like incitement to him

To the Editor:

This opinion was written the day the Democrat House Managers were giving their reasons why President Donald Trump should be impeached once again. It is hard to believe we have elected politicians that are so hungry for power they will say and do anything.

A prime example of this was when the managers insisted President Trump was inciting violence at the giant rally outside the Capitol. There was not one word of his speech that could have even implied that. Furthermore, I am sure all in Congress and most Americans knew that Trump was adamant about overturning Roe v. Wade because he believed abortions were inherently evil. He also publicly stated many times that he believed our Founders were spot on in affirming our precious unalienable rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness came from our Creator and not government. Knowing that God is important to him, how could anyone believe he was inciting violence as a reaction to the election?

Putting President Trump’s brash and pushy manners aside, he did very well in his four years in returning our nation to its former preeminence — a religious republic with a resurging economy that offered more opportunities to earn a happy life.

To all you voters who voted him out of office — is that the way you see it?

Charles Mirucki


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