Rep. Luetkemeyer to Newsmax TV: Follow Trump ‘Template’ to Restore Economy

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Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer, R-Mo., told Newsmax TV on Friday that President Joe Biden should follow former President Donald Trump’s ”template” to bring the economy back to its pre-pandemic state.

Luetkemeyer told ”American Agenda” that ”the template for getting our economy going is right in front of us. With the way the Trump Administration did this, they lowered taxes, lowered regulation, and we wound up with 1 to 1.2 million more jobs, and we have people to fill them and … that was across the board success for every single demographic group.”

The congressman said, ”Then the pandemic hit and now this administration is using it as a … moment to be able to completely redo what President Trump had done. … They’re going to try and raise taxes, they’re gonna do (it) with executive orders, they’re going to try and rescind some of his executive orders that dealt with rulemaking and then create their own rules to try and undo some other things as well.”

The Louisiana Republican added, ”So, we’re very concerned about this,” noting, ”I think they’re gonna throw us into recession if they’re not careful about how they do this.”

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