Investing for beginners: Top investing tips for retirees, mid-life investors & millennials

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“You might also give some thought to switching some of your portfolio to income producing assets, ready for your retirement.

“Playing catch up with your pension savings might be a good idea at this point, as you will probably be at your peak earnings level, and therefore more likely to benefit from higher rate tax relief on contributions.

“If you’re a higher rate taxpayer, each £800 you put into a pension gets bumped up to £1,000 by the government paying basic rate tax relief, and you then get a further £200 back in higher rate relief, so for £1,000 in your pension, you actually only end up paying £600 in this scenario.”


“Once you hit retirement the name of the game is income,” Mr Khalaf said.

“So you need to invest in assets which produce dividends and interest payments which you can live on, alongside other sources of income.