Letter to the editor: We need Trump back in office

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Now that the best president the United States has ever seen is gone and the Democratic Party has gotten their way, do you really understand just what you got? I believe we now are under the control of a mindless puppet being controlled by a corrupt communist party hell-bent on shoving socialism down our throats.

If President Biden stays in office, I predict we will watch the collapse of the U.S. economy, the dismantling of our Constitution, uncontrollable crime from immigration, unbelievable lack of law enforcement … shall I go on?

Americans brainwashed by the news media are sitting on their hands and letting all this happen. They wear their Democratic compliance masks proudly everywhere they go and have no idea what it really means.

Wake up, people. It is all up to us. Unless Donald Trump finds his way back into the White House by some miracle, we will be living in communism. Is that what you really want?

Rob Goodman