Special mid-cap stock picks: In chat with Anil Singhvi, analyst Rajat Bose picks ICRA, Sheela Foam, Cera Sanitaryware for money gains

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In today’s edition of Special Mid Cap Stocks with Anil Singhvi, analyst Rajat Bose recommended three stocks for top returns. The stocks were recommended with a long term, positional medium term and short term views. Know from the analyst what the key triggers will be and how much profits are they likely to give.  
Long-term pick: ICRA  
Market expert Rajat Bose picked ICRA as his long term buy for good gains. This is a credit rating agency and the stock was trading around Rs 3405 at the time of recommendation. The chart pattern indicates a good upside in this stock, he said. He said that the fundamentals of this company are quite strong. The demand for services of credit rating agencies have been going up, which works for this stock, he added.

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He puts the stop loss at Rs 3098 on the closing price basis. His target prices are Rs 4075 and Rs 4500. His view on this stock was a specific 364 days.

Positional stock: Sheela Foam  
As for the positional medium term pick, he recommended Sheela Foam. He said that the Earnings Per Share (EPS) of this stock increased from Rs 2 in June 2020 quarter to Rs 20 in the December 2020 quarter. In March quarter the EPS declared was Rs 12 and he expects it to pick-up from here and go again up to Rs 20.
This stock was trading at Rs 2190 at the time of recommendation. In January the stock prices were around Rs 1900, he said adding that Sheela Foam Stock has been trying to breach levels of Rs 2200 since quite some time. His target price is in the range between Rs 2500 and Rs 2668. He puts the stop loss at Rs 1968 on a closing price basis. He has a 3-6-month view on this stock.      

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    Short-term pick: Cera Sanitaryware  
The short term pick recommended by him was Cera Sanitaryware. This stock was trading around Rs Rs 4623 at the time of recommendation. The performance of this company has been improving, Bose said. He said that the EPS announced in last quarter was Rs 23 which is expected to go up to Rs 31 in this quarter.  
His target price on this stock is in between Rs 4739 and Rs 4950. He puts the stop loss at Rs 4380. He expects these levels to be achieved within 5 weeks. It was trading with a bullish pattern on Thursday, he added.