Investing Simplified: A simple take on a complex market

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Investing Simplified is a complete guide to investing that can help you become savvy in the stock market.

By HT Brand Studio

PUBLISHED ON SEP 08, 2021 06:01 PM IST

Acclaimed investor Warren Buffett once said that investment is “… the process of laying out money now to receive money in the future.” Investing money involves committing the money to some investing vehicle in order to grow it. People perceive investment endeavors as a way to a secured future. However, any investment venture can be risky if not executed properly. Stock market investment is one of the most popular ways among beginners to gain some experience. To be a successful investor, you need to make smart decisions. But, how can you really know which investment is right for you?

Investing Simplified is a complete guide to investing that can help you become savvy in the stock market. The eBook explains every aspect of stock market investment in a beginner-friendly manner. Most of the time, beginners fail to understand what is the best time to invest. Financial pages or social media often promote, “It is always a good time to start investing in a great company.” However, is it really the fact? Not really. Investing simplified debunks such investing myths to help retail investors make a well-informed investment decision. Entering the stock market should always involve thorough research and understanding of the market. Expecting overnight success can be a fool’s errand, especially in the world of investment. That is why big investors always invest time in studying the market before making decisions and they set a long-term plan. For retail investors, it is important not to be in a hurry.

The ebook not only explains what to do to a successful investor but also warns about what to avoid. It uses the example of NOKIA to explain when an investor should avoid investing in a company. NOKIA, once one of the largest manufacturers of mobile phones, became a loss-making company when it refused to embrace Android and embraced Windows. An outdated business plan can never be profitable for a company. So, individuals should always look for companies with trendy business modes and not the other way around. Investing Simplified simplifies all these complex concepts of investing and presents them in a lucid and attractive manner. It utilizes different narrative techniques to make the book more appealing, presentable and engaging for novice investors. It makes learning about the stock market fun and exciting.

Priced at just Rs. 499, Investing Simplified can be of much benefit to the complete beginners in the financial field. The unique feature of this book is that it discusses investing techniques in detail to make it a one-stop solution for professionals and beginners alike. Being a simple though insightful read, Investing Simplified will modify and transform your outlook on the stock market and investment.

Shaikh Muzzammil Ehsan, a graduate from the University of Delhi, has authored the eBook Investing Simplified to present the guide to novice investors to understand the ins and outs of the stock market. As investing in the stock began to become more and more trendy, he sensed the urgency of some kind of straightforward and easy to comprehend guidebook on investing. With an aim to make a complex subject like investing appealing and engaging, he started conceptualizing this book. He hopes that Investing Simplified will help those small investors who cannot afford over-priced stock market investment courses.

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