Why I Am Investing In Young Talents – Chukwudi

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What is project  AkwaAmaka all about?

The launch of AkwaAmaka live and digital studio marks a new dawn in the  media and entertainment industry in Nigeria and Africa at large.

AkwaAmaka live and digital studio is an ultra-modern digital studio for AkwaAmaka production limited, a private limited liability company registered under the relevant laws of the Nigeria as a media and entertainment Industry with major objective centering on nurturing and promoting young talents, content development, innovations, ideas.

AkwaAmaka production is also a visual channel with presences online, with further talks on launching it’s television channel, this is for the sole purpose of enabling individuals and families enjoy their leisure time by providing first-class entertainment and information.

How did it all start?

AkwaAmaka production limited originated from the discovery of unique talents in Nigerian and African youths at large through the light givers humanitarian foundation, a non-governmental organisation founded by my humble self with the aim of assisting  young men and women harness their talents. It was also born out of my desire to set up a leading entertainment industry in sub-Sahara Africa. This Idea, though conceived years ago became clearer in 2019 when AkwaAmaka Production Enterprises was set up.


What Inspired the AkwaAmaka brand?

AkwaAmaka was inspired by two things. First, my passion for entertainment and secondly, to help build the Nigerian youths for a better tomorrow.

So far, have you been able to achieve this to an extent?

Yes, we have been doing our best and would not give up until we get to where we are heading to. We have a movie production company which has produced about 5 standard movies to our credit for the global market,  It is our believe therefore that with the commissioning of AkwaAmaka live and digital studio,  AkwaAmaka production limited will have the capacity to produce more good music and movies for  companies and other individuals who desires to produce their music’s and movies in AkwaAmaka digital studio.

In what capacity?

Today, I have achieved it to some extent with six artists. I started with the six artists from the scratch. I started by teaching them how to write songs, made them have confidence in themselves that they can be great as artists on their own.

Where do u see this project in the next, 5 years?

AkwaAmaka is just slightly over two years in existence and see where we are today. We are building the biggest radio and television station in Africa, the biggest production house in Africa and we’ve almost achieved 60 per cent. We believe that before this year runs out to next year, we will achieve the remaining 40 per cent.

 What’s the inspiration behind the name?

AkwaAmaka was inspired to join hands and make the Nigerian and television industry. This necessitated the ongoing construction of the AkwaAmaka TV, radio station and AkwaAmaka production limited magnificent headquarter in Akwaezikenyi, Ihiala in Ihiala local government area of Anambra State. This ongoing construction to be completed this year is a multi-million dollar project estimated to be the biggest indigenous entertainment industry in Africa.

Could you please disclose the identity of the artists working with you and why you signed them?

They are five artists currently signed with ‘AkwaAmaka’, four male and one female. Bella Oluwasegun Abidemi ( Bellamino), Akuma John Ikechukwu ( Da-Popz ), Izuchukwu Ezeribe Velitus ( Mayor Onyenkwa ), Praise Ayomide ( Praise-Ayo ), Auche Paschal Chinecherem ( Afhrolegacy )

What special attribute did you see in them?

Two things made me sign them. One, their humble beginning and then their tough backgrounds.

What is the difference between when you signed them and now? Has there been any impact?


Yes, great difference. At least, the one I call my daughter, Ayomide, is in a better school. Today, she is very happy with herself as she’s pursuing her goals and dreams irrespective of anything.

What is good music to you?

Just as the French people will say music is ‘la musique est tout son agréable aux oreilles’ meaning ‘something pleasant to the ear’, so any song that is pleasant to the ear is good for my listening pleasure.

Have you been into music before?

No. I just love good music.

God. I get all my inspirations from God.

Are there artists you are looking up to in the music industry like Wizkid, Burna Boy, Tiwa ?

For me, I don’t want to mention names but I’m looking up to so many.


How about collaborations?

They will do a lot of collaborations when the time comes.

Aside production, you are also into philanthropy, can you talk more about ‘AkwaAmaka’s light givers foundation.

The ‘light givers foundation’ gave birth to ‘AkwaAmaka’. That’s why today, many of them are putting on vests with the inscription, ‘AkwaAmaka’ but mine bares, ‘The Light Givers’.

The Light Giver is a humanitarian Foundation and we believe in contributing to give light to people and that’s why our slogan is ‘together, we are the light’ which means when you give light to one person, it spreads.

What are you doing differently to ensure that those currently signed under you will not just run off after being made?

To be honest, I am not grooming them to remain under my record label but I’m grooming them to be better. The highest competition in the world is self-competition. So, I’m not grooming them to remain under my label because if they do, how will the industry grow.

I believe that one day, they will leave to go establish their record labels and it will continue like that. In future, we could even work together and just do things together because I’ve invested in their growth.