Local Investors Set to Revitalize Apartment Community in Northwest San Antonio

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Redefining the Quality of Multifamily Housing While Increasing the Wealth of Investment Partners and Future Qualified Investors

SAN ANTONIO, Oct. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — It’s a rare find when you discover a company that not only works toward improving the lives of local families, but also offers lucrative investment opportunities for investment partners involved in these transformational projects. 5 Talents Commercial Real Estate (5TCRE), along with Totem Capital Group, would like to announce the closing of their latest development project, the Sierra Royale Apartments.

Sierra Royale is an apartment community on the Northwest side of San Antonio, in Leon Valley. It features 108 apartment units and was in dire need of an update. During the analysis phase of the project, the team looked at nearly 80 properties before selecting this one. As they did their research, the team discovered that this apartment community was suffering from disrepair, neglect, and poor management. This project presented a huge opportunity to not only improve the community for current and future residents, but it also offered an opportunity for investors to receive an equitable return on their investment dollars.

Plans for this $1.3 million renovation include a complete and modern update to all of the apartment units, including redesigned kitchens with new appliances, new tile, and granite countertops, as well as new flooring throughout the units, new lighting and plumbing fixtures, fresh paint, and window treatments. With regard to updating the buildings and the community as a whole, the plan includes repairs to the balconies, the installation of a new roof on every structure, a total renovation of the leasing office and recreation center, along with fresh landscaping and resurfacing the parking lots.

Together, 5TCRE and Totem Capital Group lead a passionate group of investment professionals that works with active, passive, and institutional investment partners to revitalize multifamily housing communities in South Texas. These projects are carefully selected only after intense analysis to ensure cash flow and profitability for investors. The company also positively impacts the communities they serve with a generous program of philanthropy, giving back a percentage of the profits from each project to a local non-profit organization. For this project, the groups will donate a percentage of the profits to the San Antonio Hope Center, the Battered Women & Children’s Shelter, and SJRC Texas.

Abel Pacheco, Principal and President of 5TCRE, is excited by this new project that will bring improved living conditions to current residents at Sierra Royale, and also offer beautiful new amenities to those moving into the area. About the project, Abel says, “This is a huge improvement project, and we are happy to be able to bring better housing options to residents in the area. We are also excited to offer such an equitable investment opportunity to our investment partners as we increase the value of this property with our renovations.”

Ruben Dominguez, Principal of Totem Capital Group, the main investment partner with 5TCRE, states, “We help investors, who align with our vision of community improvement and philanthropy, increase their net-worth and cashflow, while reducing their taxable income. We leverage the tax incentives provided in this asset class to maximize our investors tax savings, provide cash flow and double-digit returns, while simultaneously improving the communities that we live in.”

5TCRE and Totem Capital Group, combined, have a roster of over 500 investors they are currently working with, and are looking to increase that number with an additional 150 investment partners each year. Due to SEC regulations, there is a strict limit of new investment partners that the firms can bring to each project.

For those interested in learning more about the investment partner program, the company websites have a multitude of podcasts, blog posts and educational material to inform potential investors. Visit www.5tcre.com and www.totemcapitalgroup.com/.

For additional information, and/or to schedule an interview, please contact Vincent Estrada at Aguillon Creative: vincent@aguilloncreative.com or (210) 347-3297.

About 5TCRE and Totem Capital Group
5 Talents Commercial Real Estate and Totem Capital group are private capital groups that identifies, acquire, rehabilitate, and improves multifamily commercial real estate properties. These properties are held for cashflow and once remodeled, are then sold for a profit, realizing financial gain for investors. The group works with both active partners and passive investment partners to bring high quality housing options to families across South Texas, while providing an incredible investment vehicle for busy professionals. 5TCRE and Totem Capital Group have over 24 years of combined experience in commercial and residential real estate and are invested in over $80 million dollars of real estate totaling across 900+ apartment units . Their dynamic team of ambitious, but shrewd, investment professionals provide investment opportunities that would normally be reserved for the ultra-wealthy or institutional investment entities.


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