Pepper Money supports native tree planting initiative

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“Reforestation, done in the right way – with local seed trees, local expertise – has the capacity to provide a contribution that will outlive all of us. That’s pretty special. We chose to support a project in a place that lost a great deal of its trees as timber for housing. So there is a lovely connectivity to the project for us.”

“Our local creative team went over and helped plant the first seedlings in July. Next year, our Pepper New Zealand team will also join in the planting initiative if travel restrictions allow it.”

Pepper Money national sales manager, New Zealand Michelle Sargent added: “We are so proud of the progress and impact we have made so far in this project. We recognise Pepper Money has an important duty to operate our business responsibly and this initiative is our long-term commitment to making a positive difference to the communities where we work and live.”

“Being able to restore our forests is an extraordinary mission, and vital for the environment of future generations.”

Trees that Count is funded by Project Crimson, a conservation charity which has been championing native tree planting since 1990. It has funded and gifted over 750,000 trees so far, and has supported 745 planting projects.