Jiashan-Shanghai Announces the “Biggest News” of Attracting Investment: Investing in Jiashan Means Investing in Shanghai

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JIAXING, China, November 14, 2021–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The wind comes from the sea, the good news spreads across Jiashan City.

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Jiashan-Shanghai Announces the “Biggest News” of Attracting Investment: Investing in Jiashan Means Investing in Shanghai (Photo: Business Wire)

On the afternoon of October 28, 2021, China·Jiashan City Promotion Convention, Jiashan International Investment and Trade Symposium (“Jiashan Symposium”), themed by “Shenjia City New Century Hushan Integration Bright Future” were held in Shanghai International Convention Center.

This was the first time that Jiashan had transferred “Jiashan Symposium” with 18-year history from Jiashan to Shanghai, which, based on industry promotion, conducted city promotion focused on “Dual Demonstration” Construction and Blueprint for the Future Development of Jiashan, more comprehensively showing the flourishing growth momentum of Jiashan in the context of “Dual Demonstration” construction.

Jiang Haiyang, the member of Standing Committee of Jiaxing City and the secretary of Jiashan County Committee, generalized “today’s Jiashan” with four “city” at the meeting, for which he said “As a future city with combined strategies, today’s Jiashan advances with times; As a vibrant city in scientific and technological progress, today’s Jiashan advances in the same direction as innovation; As an open city for fulfilling dreams, today’s Jiashan advances shoulder to shoulder with enterprises; As a happy city of common prosperity, today’s Jiashan shares achievement with its residents”.

Today’s Jiashan, integrated with “dual demonstration” two national strategies , welcomes the golden historic opportunity and presents a sound momentum of development.

In 2020, the GDP of the whole county and the industrial added value of enterprises with considerable scale respectively increased by 8% and 20.9%, both ranking number two in Zhejiang Province. From January to September this year, its GDP increased by 13% with an average growth rate of 8.8% for two years and industrial added value of enterprises with considerable scale increased by 23.2% with an average growth rate of 16.6% for two years, both ranking number one in Jiaxing City and its GDP growth rate ranked number seven in the province. It has been awarded as Top Ten Cities of Attracting Foreign Investment in Zhejiang Province successively for 19 years, surpassed 13 counties in the ranking of national top 100 counties and joined top 50 and ranked number two in “2021 Top 100 Counties and Cities as Popular Investment Spot in the future”.

Today’s Jiashan is supported by prime provincial and municipal policies.

The development of Jiashan has been highly valued at national, provincial and municipal levels. Zhejiang Province and Jiaxing City state that they’ll spare no effort to support the development of Jiashan as possible as they can as a response to the national requirements and demands of Jiashan. They release policies of the highest value, including 22 policies concerning one municipality and two provinces, 19 policies concerning Zhejiang Province and 20 policies concerning Jiaxing City, giving full support in aspects of administrative competence, financial work, space elements and comprehensive reform, which endows Jiashan with policy advantage.

Today’s Jiashan has drawn a “world-class” blueprint for global development.

Responding to the goal raised by the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee of “being like Shenzhen in 30 years”, it has taken the lead in achieving “1+1+37” planning and formulation at the county level across the country, and its 8 projects including that about the development of Jiashan District has escalated to one at the provincial level, among which, 7 projects have been printed and implemented by the province. And it has also engaged Academician Duanjin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences as the general planner to re-construct the space frame, which he described as six centers intersected from south to north, the whole region crisscrossed by water and land, Jiashan central area and Xiang Fu Dang Sci-Tech Innovation Green Valley integrating with three districts, six towns developing in a coordinated way by taking water as a lifeline, green as background, farmland as scenery and kindness as spirit, which will make Jiashan a world-class habitable waterfront city in the future.

Today’s Jiashan plans and conducts symbolic projects of hundreds of billions of yuan.

Sticking to the principle of planning first and acting fast, Jiashan conducts moves to overcome difficulties in the “10-100-1000” project, implements “Top Ten Projects” of upgrading the science and innovation levels and initiates 136 crucial projects valued at over 470 billion yuan investment. The “core of core” demonstration area Waterside Parlor is under construction, and many landmarks including Yangtze River Delta (Jiashan) Financial Innovation Center and International Convention Center are rising abruptly, making the function level of Jiashan has been improved comprehensively at geometric speed.

At the end of the promotion speech, Jiang Haiyang announced the biggest news about Jiashan to the present businessmen, that is, investing in Jiashan means investing in Shanghai and investing in the national strategy.

Does Jiashan have a bright future and is it worth investing ? Fan Hengshan, the famous economist and the original deputy secretary general of National Development and Reform Commission told the present businessmen affectionately, “In my opinion, Jiashan is a place with special charm and of great value. I can tell you confidently that Jiashan is an ideal place for investing, starting business and living. It deserves high attention and wholehearted devotion .”

Although Fan Hengshan always works in the national department, he has special affection to Jiashan. He’s been to Jiashan to conduct research for many times, especially in 2013 when Jiashan was honored to be a pilot of national county economy. He said, “The times that I went to Jiashan are more than that I went home. The reason of my special affection to Jiashan is that I participated in the work of promoting Jiashan to be a pilot of national county economy, including formulating and promoting plans and conducting evaluations on the development and reform of Jiashan in these years.”

The achievement in signing ceremony can also prove the charm of Jiashan in attracting investment again. The “Jiashan Symposium” achieved remarkable results, including executing 82 projects and attracting 81 billion yuan investment, among which, 47 projects valued at 53 billion yuan were signed on the spot, the established fund attracted almost 10 billion yuan, 6 projects invested by Fortune Global 500 enterprises and 8 projects valued more than hundreds of billions of dollars were attracted here.

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