USDA investing nearly $300,000 in North Dakota rural communities

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North Dakota is set to receive $300,000 for rural community infrastructure improvements.

The funding comes from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Community Facilities Loan and Grant Program.

Of the five communities in North Dakota receiving money, the Elgin-New Leipzig School will get a $72,000 grant for restoration and repairs.

A $12,000 loan will go to the Wishek Home for the Aged to buy a transit van better equipped for those with disabilities.

USDA Rural Development Acting Director Mark Wax says the investments are important to the nearly 20,000 people in rural communities who will benefit.

“Our funding makes a big difference to these projects because they have limited access to other financing and for them, 12-15,000 probably pays half of the van cost or so or a third of it, and that makes a big impact for them for that community,” Wax said.

In North Dakota, five projects received funding while nationwide there are 537 projects that will benefit.