The 5 Ways Investing In Fleet Fueling Services Can Save You Money

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When you’re busy running a business there are so many things you are worrying about on a day-to-day basis. One of the main worries is how can we operate more efficiently to save more money and ultimately help the business grow? Surprisingly, companies with fleets tend to overlook one major area, and it could be saving them a boatload. That would be fleet fueling services. Now, let’s take a look at five ways investing in fueling services can get you an instant ROI and save you money!

Saving Employee Time:

How much time, on average, do your employees spend fueling up? Let’s multiply that by the number of employees that are fueling vehicles… Now multiply that by the average employee wage (factoring in those benefits). Did that number surprise you? When you switch to a fueling service, you automatically save that money by removing this one step from your employee’s routine.

No More Fluctuating Fuel Costs:

We all want the best price when we’re shopping, and it’s no different for business owners. Utilizing the lowest fuel prices can add up when you have multiple vehicles in your fleet. But most employees don’t have the same mindset as a business owner. And since they aren’t paying for it, why would they hunt for the best fuel prices? You can instantly save your business money and avoid large fluctuations in your fuel costs by knowing exactly what you’re going to be paying per gallon.

Fewer Hours in Accounting:

Running a business is no easy feat, especially with the daily expense tracking and the bookkeeping that needs to be done. Add that to the hours spent reconciling fueling costs, going through  receipts, and that’s most of your day! But by investing in a fueling service, you can see your fuel consumption and costs right on your business dashboard. This simplifies the process and eliminates the use of fuel cards and needing to save receipts.

No Gas Theft:

Let’s face it. No matter how trustworthy your staff is, fuel theft is a real possibility. With no way to be 100% positive that the fuel card is only being used on the company vehicle you leave yourself open to fuel theft. Theft is harmful to your business and your bottom line. With a fueling service, you have the peace of mind of being 100% positive that the fuel you bought is going into your fleet’s tanks.

5% Reduction In Fuel Consumption:

It may only seem like a few miles added to a vehicle’s overall mileage every time they make a detour to a gas station. Now think about your entire fleet making those detours; it really starts to add up. What would it look like over the next week, month, or year? How many miles does that come to in a year when you add them all up? When you switch to a fueling service, this translates into a 5% reduction in fuel consumption for your fleet; immediately saving you money as well as wear and tear on your fleet vehicles.

While fueling can seem like a simple matter for a business with a fleet of vehicles, it’s easy to forget how quickly costs can add up when maintaining and managing that fleet. Some business owners write this off as the cost of doing business as there were no better options available. But now, as technology has advanced, and so have businesses, we have new and better ways to improve our methods and save us money.

If you want to see how much money you can save by investing in fleet fueling, you should check out our savings calculator! Click here to try it out and see how much money you could be saving for your business today!