Investors 'Marvel' at Veritone's Synthetic Voice Solution

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Denver-based Veritone Inc. (NASDAQ:VERI) announced on Thursday that its synthetic voice solution is now compatible with Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) Omniverses Audio2Face, an artificial intelligence-based technology that generates facial motion and lip-sync entirely from an audio source.

For Audio2Face, content creators focused on bringing best in class to virtual reality, augmented reality, 3-D graphics and virtual communities, it said in a release, provides a library of more than 200 synthetic stock voices and 150 languages to choose from that will enhance their face and video animation projects in the immersive digital worlds they are creating.

Veritone, a leader in enterprise artificial intelligence solutions, is the creator of aiWARE, a hyper-expansive enterprise AI platform. The companys stock was trading at $19.45 per share around midday of Friday, down a slim 1.22%.

Investors ‘Marvel’ at Veritone’s Synthetic Voice Solution

It is coming off a third quarter in which it generated record revenue of $22.7 million, up 44% year over year, and grew software products and services revenue to $9 million, a year-over-year gain of 169%.

Investors ‘Marvel’ at Veritone’s Synthetic Voice Solution

While Veritone has not yet released its fourth-quarter results, revenue is expected to be in the range of $43.8 million to $45.3 million, representing a 165% increase at the midpoint. Non-GAAP net income is expected to be in the range of $8.5 million to $10 million, versus a non-GAAP net loss of $3.9 million in the fourth quarter of 2020.

We are excited to reveal this compatibility with NVIDIA Omniverse, which many view as the key to building the metaverse, Veritone Co-founder and President Ryan Steelberg said. Given NVIDIAs recent announcement at CES 2022 that its real-time 3D design collaboration and virtual world simulation platform is now freely available to millions of NVIDIA Studio creators using GeForce RTX and NVIDIA RTX graphics processing units (GPUs), the interconnected 3D virtual worlds that both Veritone and NVIDIA envision for commerce, entertainment, creativity and industry will be possible.

The NVIDIA Omniverse provides a platform for people to collaborate, learn, and build community; however, it requires a seamless high-quality experience and voice quality is fundamental, Chief Marketing Officer Scott Leatherman said. As the world pivots to understand, explore, and drive commerce in the metaverse, we are proud to support NVIDIAs Omniverse with hyper-realistic synthetic voice from The diversity of voices and languages offered by will enable users and brands within the Omniverse a powerful, localized, and engaging experience. is a hyper-realistic synthetic voice-as-a-service solution that allows celebrities, athletes, influencers, broadcasters and other entities across industries to create and monetize synthetic voices in real or digitally immersive worlds securely and ethically. The Veritone team takes a hands-on approach and works with clients to acquire the necessary training data to create a custom voice that can be transformed into different languages, dialects, accents, genders and more.

In addition to custom voice clones, the self-serve application enables users to create text-to-speech voice projects with stock voices.

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