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The Biden Administration is a catastrophic fail. No idea propounded by that Administration is feasible, workable, or even remotely rational at this time. The abandon Afghanistan idea was irrational and absurd. The open borders idea is a crime and violation of Article IV Section 4. The Money Pumping idea, is one that even the Fed, now knows is unworkable. The virus as Biden now tells us is for the states to manage, he’s got nothing.

My conjecture for your earnest consideration is that the electric car idea is also a major fail like every other thing in the mind of Joe Biden.

The materials are not there. The charging stations are not there. The will of the American people, who love gasoline powered cars is not there. You can ask markets what they want. You cannot tell markets what they want. If you Solyndra build it, they will not come. We know this. Except Biden. He does not know it.

Most of the fiction science investments suggested by Cathy Wood, based on projections from momentary “trends” we see at this instant, are also going to fail. Most business ideas fail. And in crazy times, they may all fail.

American industry is closing down. Boxing itself up. Shipping its equipment to China.

Here’s where the best bets are:

  1. Weapons makers like ship and fighter jet makers.
  2. Food sellers with total dominance by retail locations and vertical integration (store brands).
  3. Oil, gas, and gasoline companies — when Biden is gone, they won’t be in the doghouse anymore, and we need to stay warm, keep the lights on be mobile, and move goods.
  4. Big pharma will do well when socialized medicine is cut back and people must rely on good pills and good detection techniques to stay healthy. If Socialists take the profit out of medicine, you get less of it. When Socialists are replaced by Capitalists, you get more and better medicine. Bedtime for Biden means bigtime for big pharma, since the Boomers have most of the money, and are getting older and sicker.
  5. Rare metals are a way to preserve buying power over time. Biden or no Biden we are ruining our paper fiat currency. This will get worse not better. Rare metals include the precious metals but also include half a dozen industrial metals you have never heard of.

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