Investing in EnrouteAI

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As Professor Galloway (aka “Prof G”) has noted, Covid has certainly accelerated many trends including the transformation of work. We are now working more from home and ordering more stuff online to be delivered to our doorstep.

Like supply chain issues, businesses, customers, and consumers are seeing an increasing “last mile” problem. Namely it is highly inefficient to get goods from the warehouse to a truck to a doorstep or business loading dock. Consumers and customers have no clue where their delivery is in the process, when and if it will be delivered. Businesses are hard pressed to track where their deliveries stand, and they find the whole delivery process to be highly inefficient from a labor and resource perspective. 

A new company called EnrouteAI has started to address these last mile challenges. After spending just an hour with Neil and Mike, the two founders of EnrouteAI, my socks were blown off and I knew I had to invest in them as a seed investor. My Kemp Au Ventures co-investors Adam Au and Pradeep Aswani joined me in being the first money into EnrouteAI. It also helped that Neil is a fellow University of Michigan graduate 😊. I also was amazed at the customer traction and interest they have been getting, and loved that Neil spent months riding shotgun in delivery trucks to help design this with real-world input.

The cool thing is that EnrouteAI was built from the ground up to leverage the power of AI and low-cost computing. Their AI-driven dynamic route optimization engine is used to plan and manage complex routes, thereby simplifying every aspect of last mile operations, from planning to tracking to billing. They automate process steps to make sure your deliveries are done on time while reducing operating costs.  Their routes get even better over time as the AI learns the “fingerprint of the city”.

Furthermore, EnrouteAI dynamically optimizes routes and balances them continuously throughout the day reflecting real-world events such as traffic, weather, construction delays, etc.  EnrouteAI helps shippers dramatically reduce fuel and labor costs, lowers emissions, and assists in selecting the most efficient modes — internal fleets, contracted, or a mix.

Here is a good article on EnrouteAI that provides more detail on what they are doing. I am also very pleased to see that EnrouteAI was just ranked the #1 promising startup (i.e. company to watch for) in 2022 by Founders Beta. What a great way to kick off the new year!

Let me know if you want to connect with EnrouteAI if you want to learn more!