Making Money: Tax Free Investment

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TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) – News 18 is continuing to look out for your hard-earned money.

This whole month, we want to look at old and new ways to invest your money.

From the market to taxes, you could have plenty of options when it comes to investments.

Today, we are talking taxes, and you may not know about a certain type of investment that’s tax free.

Our financial expert, Nick Royer explains.

“You have another pot called the tax never money. That’s the pot that I like. What that means is, maybe you don’t get the nice tax benefits today, when you save that money there. But whenever you take that money out, whatever it grows to, it’s completely tax free. I’m talking about Roth IRAs. and some people have in their 401k’s, Roth 401k options. What that means is you can save in these pots, this money can grow, and then when you take that money out it’s completely tax free. So if you earn 10 percent you actually earn 10 percent,” said Royer.