ARPA money could help Fall River's budget

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Good morning, readers, and happy Friday to you! Before we embark on this last day before the weekend, let’s check out the latest in local news.

Mayor Paul Coogan successfully pushed feds to change ARPA calculations for lost revenue.

For more than six months, Mayor Paul Coogan has beaten the drum that the American Rescue Plan Act formula to calculate use of funding for lost revenue is unfair, particularly for poorer communities. And now a recent change in federal guidelines means that the city will be able to use $10 million of its $64 million ARPA allocation to cover revenue losses. Find out what this means for Fall River right here.

For local employers the end of the Great Resignation can’t come soon enough. The term Great Resignation has come to represent the phenomenon of workers quitting their jobs to take advantage of a labor market where job openings outnumber those who ostensibly are looking for work. In November, a record-high 4.5 million workers voluntarily left their jobs. We talked to business owners locally about what this means for them.

And the temperature has fallen to freezing or below, the frost-hardened ground is often covered in snow and ice — and believe it or not, this can be an ideal time to enjoy yourself outside. The Southeastern Massachusetts Bioreserve, in Fall River’s vast eastern woodland half, has 50 miles of beautiful nature trails open for all kinds of outdoors fun. This is a great time of year to take up hiking, and we’re here to help you get started. Check out this list of dos and dont’s.


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