Creators Market debuts, adding to12 Points' momentum

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Creators Market, the latest brainchild to emerge from the revitalized 12 Points neighborhood, made its debut Thursday evening outside Illumination Wellness, and the wide consensus was that it’s another winner for the north side neighborhood.

Tribune-Star/Joseph C. GarzaAbstract style: Artist Chelsea Lee had her abstract paint pouring pieces for sale at the Creators Market on Thursday in 12 Points.

Brenna Deal, part of the 12 Points Revitalization Initiative, led a committee to organize a farmers market for the area. Soon, it evolved into a plan to allow vendors to offer all manner of wares, which they did.

“The inspiration behind that was just this idea that we all are the creators, we get to choose where we spend our money, so we created the economy,” Deal explained. “That was the whole idea.”

Illumination Wellness was eager to let the vendors set up shop outside its venue, said yoga teacher Amy Merrill, who was selling bracelets, rings and eye pillows and offering kombucha samples.

“We had known Brenna for a while and she had had connections with the center — she helped open it,” said Merrill. “She wanted to do it out here and we all loved the idea of creating a Terre Haute north-end farmers market, and jumped on board.”

Initially, nine vendors were lined up, with Deal’s goal to reach 20-25 for this first year. Thursday’s inaugural event saw 22 vendors and two food trucks. “I was so nervous, and here we are,” Deal said, laughing.

Arts and crafts were in greater supply than farmers’ products — woodworking items, clothing, abstract art, prints and candles were all on offer.

Tom Johnston was peddling his wife’s gourmet dog treats while she ran an errand.

“My wife started all this — I’m new at this and don’t know a whole lot about it,” he said, adding that this was first vendor event they had participated in.

He and his wife have three rottweilers they tested the treats on. “She wanted some good treats for the dogs, organic stuff, so she started making her own treats,” said Johnston. The dogs gobbled them down. “She then thought about maybe spreading the love.”

The dogs weren’t the treats’ only test market. “I’ve eaten them myself — they’re organic, like peanut butter, they’re really really good,” Johnston said. “She made some oatmeal stuff and wanted me to try them — oh my gosh! I’m good with it.” An hour in, Johnston reported doing more business than they had expected for the entire evening.

Tribune-Star/Joseph C. GarzaFrom the workshop to the market: Tohnna Wymer of Stubborn Nail Pallet Designs shows customer Pam Alexander one of her husband’s pieces during the Creator’s Market on Thursday in 12 Points.

Amber Hudson is a former Terre Haute resident who traveled from Southeast Indiana to set up shop.

“I miss the community and wanted to come back and participate in a community market,” Hudson said.

She said she was amazed at the turnaround in 12 Points since she left three years ago.

“I really so proud of this neighborhood and the revitalization of it,” she said. “Seeing where it was when I moved away to where it is now, it makes me so happy.”

She was selling Soulful Shower Steamers that she had made, as well as embroidered mandalas and painted rocks crafted by her mother.

Despite the long drive, she hopes to return.

“Even if I’m not here as a vendor, I’ll definitely be participating in it,” Hudson promised.

Tohnna Wymer, whose cousin is 12 Points Revitalization Initiative President Jennifer Mullen, was selling woodworking and predicted big things for the Creators Market.

“I think once word gets out more about this, it’ll grow in the weeks ahead, especially in the summertime with schools being out,” said Wymer. “Being the first night, I think this is a really good turnout, and we’re only an hour into it.”

Community is a popular buzzword in 12 Points, and Deal evoked it in describing the Creators Market.

“Sometimes we forget we need community to thrive, and creating this market, the community showed all its support,” she said. “I’ve worked with other businesses in 12 Points, and knew there was a need here and they would support it. This would not have happened without everybody’s support.”

But this may just be the beginning. “I have big plans,” Deal said cryptically with a smile, but said no more.

Creators Market will be every Thursday from 4-8 p.m. through Oct. 27.

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