Welspun Enterprises Deal: Stock jumps nearly 9% after firm announces to sell highway portfolio | All you need to know

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Welspun Enterprises cracked a big deal on Friday. What are the deal details and valuation? Zee Business Varun Dubey’s report.

Dubey said that the company has sold its active highway infrastructure. It has about 5 projects and all of them are hybrid creative models. The value of the deal is around Rs 6000 crore. In addition, the company also has milestones and Gantt payments of Rs 3000 crore, which make the entire deal of around Rs 9000 crore.

Citing reports, Dubey said, after this deal, the net cash flow of this company will be Rs 1800 crore. He said so far this company has a debt of about Rs 2400 crore, and the cash flow value is also low.

Apart from this deal, the company has two more projects worth Rs 3,900 crore, with an equity value of Rs 600 crore. Adding to this, Dubey said, oil and gas projects are also with the same company, whose equity value is around Rs 600 crore.

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So, in total, there is a cash of about Rs 1,800 crore and oil and gas assets of Rs 600 crore, which take the total valuation of the company to Rs 2,400 crore, he added.

At present, the company’s market capitalisation stands around Rs 1600 crores. But there is a scope for an increase of Rs 800 crore in the market cap, Dubey concluded.