How To Get Your Money Through Crypto Market Chaos

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It’s probably an understatement to say that anyone hoping for a rally in the crypto market last week came away disappointed.

Last week, Bitcoin (BTC) dropped by more than 20%. But people who are running for the exits aren’t thinking long-term. Me? I’ve seen this movie twice before, in 2017 and 2019 – it’s scary, but it’ll end.

In January 2019, one BTC cost less than $4,000. By March 2021, it had increased to $61,000, and investors were giddy with gains. By July 2021 its price was cut in half to $31,000 again, then shot back up to almost $70,000 at the crypto peak in November.

Right now, one BTC will get you just $21,000 – talk about investing whiplash. Clearly, not every crypto investor can handle this level of volatility considering the panic-selling we’re seeing right now.

But I’m here to tell you: We can.

I’m advising my subscribers not to sell anything in our model portfolio right now, because nothing has changed about crypto’s long-term potential. The record shows that each time Bitcoin takes a big hit, it rebounds and breaks records along the way, giving people like us the chance to “BTFD” and dollar-cost average into bigger positions.

Bottom line is, I’m just as bullish on Bitcoin as I ever was, and I still think the long-term outlook on it is incredibly positive.

Today I want to share the “playbook” I’ve developed and shared with my subscribers on how to “HODL” during volatility and turn it into an advantage…

Bitcoin is an important long-term hold for any crypto investor, but it’s not the only coin out there. Like any other asset class, the best potential for serious gains comes from having a robust portfolio of different cryptos, especially infrastructure tokens like Cardano (ADA).

We have a service that grants you access to our model crypto portfolio, packed with crypto profit plays. Some of the tokens in it have already brought returns that blow the stock market and Bitcoin away.

Our complete panel of experts has hand-selected these recommendations for sheer profit potential. We’re particularly excited about two small coins that could each soar more than 5,000% in the next five years. Take a look…

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