Your Money Matters | Chicago businesses, dating, and Lexie Hearing

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On this airing of Your Money Matters, host, Jon Hansen, is joined by Judith Crown of Crain Chicago Business to talk about the preparations Chicago businesses are making in response to a potential recession around the corner. They address the buffer that is the strong labor market that gives hope despite thoughts of a recession, as well as how Chicago businesses are being proactive in noticing the warning signs and saving money for later instead of laying off workers down the road should there be a recession.

After, Editor-in-Chief of The Balance, Kristin Myers, spoke with Jon about how inflation has affected the dating realm. They addressed price increases at certain venues, expectations on who should pay for a first date, cheaper or free date options, and how the price of dating per month really does add up!

Later, Lexie Hearing’s Chief Marketing Officer, Heather Battison, joined Jon, to discuss the business which provides “people with mild to moderate hearing loss an opportunity to purchase quality hearing aids.” They looked into the price of other hearing aids, which can be high as $5,000, and how people avoid purchasing them because of the high price. The lack in ability to get the proper healthcare could lead to a disconnect with family and friends and can lead to a decline in mental health. Heather highlighted how Lexie Hearing’s hearing aids are a fourth of the cost of other hearing aids with not catch!