Fiat Wealth Management CEO Brad Gotto debuts the new book Spending Money and Having Fun; Your Practical Guide to a Fearless Retirement.

Most people spend their lives saving for retirement but don’t know how to spend it without risk. The book aims to educate people about their finances to give them confidence in their decisions.

Money matters can be complicated, and many people don’t know the answers to most of their financial questions. While some might be afraid to hear the answers, these answers help streamline their financial planning. Everyone is on a retirement journey and at different stages. Through Fiat Wealth Management, Brad Gotto guides people through creating a personalized blueprint for their journey, equipping them with tools, resources, and experience. 

Where most people consider money and retirement a very serious subject, Brad Gotto breaks it down, making it an approachable subject.


Brad Gotto hopes to shed light on finances and financial options available to them in his upcoming book, “Spending Money and Having Fun; Your Practical Guide to a Fearless Retirement.” The book delves into financial decision-making and provides guidance for clients on various topics to prevent financial havoc in later years. Financial education mostly touches on saving for retirement but not what happens afterward.

“Our job begins where most advisors stop – saving money is great, but how do you spend it without risk in retirement? Every investment decision is also a tax decision. We believe educating our clients in tax planning during their financial journey is one of the most important and beneficial parts of our financial education.”


In the book, Gotto discusses personalized action plans to help develop financial personalities that promote a new money mindset. The book focuses on five key topics:

–  Taxes in retirement

–  A new mindset on saving or spending money

–  Healthcare

–  Longevity

–  Charitable giving

As an investment advisor, Fiat Wealth Management is committed to teaching people how to spend money and have fun while saving and spending. “We pride ourselves on enlightening clients about their finances, so they feel confident in the decisions they are making with the support of our guidance.”

The book is an extension of this mission. Each topic is exhaustively discussed in the book, and realistic action plans are provided to help people develop financial strategies for their present and retirement. By exploring each topic, Gotto unearths crucial financial details every person needs to know. Spending money and having fun is a foreign concept to many people. This book will equip people with a new mindset on saving and spending money.

In addition to the upcoming book release, Gotto hosts a podcast with Matt Stahl, Every Day Is Saturday, which discusses financial and lifestyle subjects in a fun and enlightening way, with the purpose of teaching others how to live their lives like every day is Saturday! 

Gotto is a nationally known speaker who educates and mentors financial advisors to help others build their business and guide their clients down the right financial path with his coaching company Every Day Is Saturday. You can learn more about Brad and his personal journey to becoming a financial advisor and mentor here.

“Spending Money and Having Fun; Your Practical Guide to a Fearless Retirement”, will be officially released on August 16th and is a must-read. Follow Fiat Wealth Management, for more updates on the book release.

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