Ukraine war LIVE – Boris Johnson says Putin’s troops WILL be destroyed as he makes shock Independence Day trip to Kyiva

Nearly 100 dead in attacks on Ukraine healthcare says WHO

There have been 473 verified attacks on healthcare in Ukraine since Russia invaded six months ago, which have killed nearly 100 people, the WHO said Wednesday.

The World Health Organization’s Europe chief Hans Kluge branded the attacks “unconscionable”.

As well as the 98 people known to have been killed in verified attacks on healthcare, at least 134 others were wounded, the WHO’s figures showed.

Nearly 400 of the attacks hit health facilities. Dozens of attacks struck transport, including ambulances, while warehouses, supplies, personnel and patients were also damaged.

Jarno Habicht, the WHO’s representative in Ukraine, said the number of attacks on health care was unprecedented.

“These attacks are not only a violation of international law, they are also a barrier for many who need health care during the war,” he told reporters in Geneva, via video-link from a bunker in Dnipro.

Although the war had had a devastating impact on the health and lives of Ukraine’s people, the health system had not collapsed, said WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

“But no system can deliver optimum health to its people under the stress of war, which is why we continue to call on the Russian Federation to end this war,” Tedros added.

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