Kamikamica: State barring FNPF from investments offshore

The People’s Alliance party deputy leader Manoa Kamikamica claims Government barring the Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF) from investing outside of the country is keeping the superannuation fund from “actually making money”.

He made the comment at the launch of the International Transport Workers’ Federation’s Making the Fiji National Provident Fund Work for Workers report that was launched at the Fiji Trades Union Congress headquarters in Suva last Thursday.

“The fund is restricted from investing offshore – why?” Mr Kamikamica asked.

“There are major potential investments offshore.

“Perhaps that may be a way of taking money away from government and putting it into things that will actually make money.”

Mr Kamikamica said if elected into government, his party would look into the goings-on at FNPF and ensure the necessary changes would be made.

“For The People’s Alliance, we will definitely review FNPF as one of its major tasks.

“We will definitely ensure that workers are represented, and we will make sure that there is transparency, good governance and integrity which appears to be lacking at the moment — particularly in terms of the fund, in terms of how it discloses things to the public.

“That needs to be improved.”

* Questions sent to FNPF last Thursday, August 18, Monday, August 22 and again yesterday on the comments made by Mr Kamikamica remain unanswered.

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