UnitedHealth, JPMorgan Chase share gains contribute to Dow's nearly 175-point jump

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Powered by strong returns for shares of UnitedHealth and JPMorgan Chase, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is trading up Friday morning. Shares of UnitedHealth and JPMorgan Chase have contributed to the blue-chip gauge’s intraday rally, as the Dow was most recently trading 171 points, or 0.6%, higher. UnitedHealth’s shares are up $14.68, or 2.9%, while those of JPMorgan Chase have gained $2.51 (2.3%), combining for an approximately 113-point boost for the Dow. Boeing Verizon and Visa are also contributing significantly to the gain. A $1 move in any one of the 30 components of the index results in a 6.59-point swing.

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