Auto racing sponsors and Wall Street; sometimes a necessary marriage

Q: Greg, with the state of our economy looking down these days, how will this affect major league racing and the many sponsors that participate? I see fewer yearlong major sponsors in racing as there used to be years ago. I would think that’s OK as many top NASCAR cars carry a sponsor’s name for six to 10 total races instead of a full year of over 30 races. Then the race team can sell the other races to different companies. What is your opinion of these sponsor matters and how it impacts the big race teams? Also, do the Wall Street ad agencies still participate in negotiating big deals in racing? John G., a big race fan living near Watkins Glen, N.Y.

A: John, this is a great group of questions I am happy to give my input. You are correct in your understanding of what is going on these days with sponsors in major league racing. Wall Street still plays a role as many of the racing’s top corporate sponsors, in all shapes and sizes, include Wall Street help and input.

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