Hinson says rail negotiations threaten ag economy


Hinson says rail negotiations threaten ag economy

US Congresswoman Ashley Hinson says a rail strike would disrupt the supply chain and have devastating impacts on the agricultural economy.

Rail worker unions recently rejected a September 15th tentative agreement brokered by President Biden, raising the possibility of a strike next month.

“I think the biggest concern in my mind is animal feed and what that impact could be,” Hinson said. “When I say it could be truly devastating for not only our supply chain, it will be devastating for agriculture in this country as well.”

The Iowa Republican says a labor agreement needs to be reached soon.

“It’s of upmost importance that workers get a fair wage and good working conditions,” Hinson said. “I think that’s absolutely important. We need to get this agreement handled because the future of our agricultural economy and our country’s economy depends on it.”

Rail unions have until mid-November to reach a new agreement. Congress could prevent a stoppage if a deal isn’t ratified by all 12 unions.

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