Equity CEFs: Top Picks For 2023

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Note: All prices are as of 12/30/2022 and may have changed since this article was first released to subscribers of CEFs: Income + Opportunity on January 2nd, 2023.

I always like to start the Top Picks edition with

Closed-End Funds

AIO vs ARKK performance graph

Y Charts

AIO Premium/Discount chart

CEF Connect

3 Quarter - September 30, 2022

IAE sector, country breakdown

Voya Investments

Fund 12/31/2021 Price 12/30/2022 Price Total Distributions Total Market Price Return
EXD $12.07


$0.8496 -17.8%
AIO $24.79


$1.8000 -27.4%
GDV $27.00 $20.61 $1.3200 -18.8%
IAE $8.11 $6.13 $0.8600 -13.8%
NXG $44.00 $38.27 $2.5584




$382.43 $6.3207 -18.2%

Eaton Vance

IGA sector, country breakdown

Voya Investments

IGA top holdings

Voya Investments

HQH Premium/Discount chart

CEF Connect

HQH top holdings

Tekla Capital

Thank you for reading my article. My goal is to give you observations and actionable ideas in Closed-End funds while educating you on how these unique and opportunistic funds work.

CEFs can be one of the most exhilarating and yet most frustrating security classes to invest in, and it’s important that you have someone who can be a level head during up and down periods of the market. I hope to be that voice of calm when necessary. ~ Douglas Albo

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