Flogas brings ‘refreshing change’ to the energy market but will it save the Irish consumer money?

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It has been about three years since Irish consumers have been able to avail of fixed-price energy. The launch of Flogas’s new fixed-price plans for gas and electricity — in a time of uncertainty — was roundly welcomed. Are these worth considering for customers fed up with unpredictable price rises, or is it worth pursuing smart tariffs?

Flogas’s new fixed rate for electricity is 44.84c per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for anyone with a standard 24-hour meter. For those with night saver meters it charges 51.12c/kWh in the day and 24.77c/kWh at night. The standing charges are €303 and €397 respectively. Flogas will also throw in a €150 “welcome bonus” per fuel.

Taking this into account, and based on average annual household consumption of 4,200kWh, Flogas estimates