Is the Recent Sell-Off by Congress a Sign of Trouble for Apple?

Over the past three months, congress has sold over $48K dollars worth of Apple AAPL stock. A total of 6 transactions have taken place by 5 different congressional members with Daniel Goldman, Scott Franklin, and Thomas R. Carper selling the most, totaling over $45K worth of AAPL stock.

Congressional Transactions for AAPL Over Past 3 Months

Member Name Chamber Symbol Company Transaction Date Transaction Type Amount
Thomas R. Carper AAPL Apple Senate 2023-03-07 S (Partial) 15,001
John Curtis AAPL Apple House 2023-02-23 S (Partial) 1,001
Scott Franklin AAPL Apple House 2023-02-15 S (Partial) 15,001
Daniel Goldman AAPL Apple House 2023-01-31 S 15,001
Josh Gottheimer AAPL Apple House 2023-01-27 S (Partial) 1,001
Josh Gottheimer AAPL Apple House 2023-01-20 S (Partial) 1,001

Given the recent sell-side activity from congressional members, it leads one to question Apple’s future. First let’s look at how Apple has been performing recently.

As you can see, despite the recent sell-off by members of Congress, Apple has performed well over the past three months, achieving a 23.06% return.


Over the past three months, 5 congressional members have sold over $48K dollars worth of Apple stock, while the stock has gained 23.06% over the same timeframe.

The recent sell-side activity by congress could be a result of members capitalizing on gains if they believe the current trend will not continue. On the other hand, congressional members can sell stock for a variety of reasons, including personal financial needs or diversification of their investment portfolios, so it’s important to keep a balanced perspective and look at the company’s performance holistically.

As always, investors should conduct their due diligence and consider other factors, such as a company’s financials, analyst ratings, and broader market trends, before making any investment decisions.

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