Cybertruck Updates, Price Tweaks, Dividends And More: Key Questions On Tesla Investors' Minds Before Q1 Results

Tesla, Inc.’s TSLA first-quarter earnings report will drop Wednesday after the market closes. Expectations are muted, given the string of price cuts that are expected to dampen margins.

What Happened: The electric vehicle maker’s CEO Elon Musk and the management team typically answer on the earnings call shareholder questions collected through a third-party service provider named ‘Say.’

There are no surprises on the top-voted question. Tesla’s Cybertruck, due for launch later this year, has been the focal point of investors, given their expectations that the EV pickup truck will jumpstart volume growth.

Shareholders wanted to know updated specifications, pricing and any new features that will likely make it to production. The question received 5,800 votes from holders of 2.3 million Tesla shares. A separate question was posed on the run-rate for Cybertruck production by the end of 2023.

The second-most updated question was on Tesla Energy. Shareholders wanted to know if Tesla Energy will be bigger than the company’s auto business. They wanted more formal guidance for the megapack and the overall energy business.

Shareholders also asked separately when the energy business will grow large enough to warrant separate reporting.  A third question was posed on the current and future guidance on margin for the energy business.

Tesla recently announced a second plant in Shanghai to manufacture megapacks to supply to global markets.

This question received 5,000 votes representing 3.2 million shares.

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Tesla investors also wanted to know about Tesla’s in-house 4680 cells and whether they were meeting expectations set at the Battery Day event. They sought information on how long it would take for the cells to meet those goals.

Solar roof production also evinced interest among shareholders, who wanted to know updated expectations and future goals.

The fifth most-upvoted question was on whether Tesla shareholders will have early access to SpaceX IPO.

Other important questions that came up included:

  • When would Tesla allow the transfer of full-self driving software from an old Tesla car to a new car
  • When would the company’s heat-pump tech be ready for residential applications
  • Are cost reductions and deflationary input prices outpacing auto price reductions now and would they be in the future; Shareholders also wanted to know the process Tesla follows to make auto price adjustments, variables the company considers and the frequency of price reviews.
  • Tesla’s plan to fully take advantage of the Inflation Reduction Act across its product lineups
  • Timing of launch of a new model
  • Will Tesla pay dividends

Tesla closed Tuesday’s session at $184.31, down 1.46%, according to Benzinga Pro data.

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