Fermilab celebrates Earth Day with 'Invest In Our Planet'

Fermilab is celebrating Earth Day with the virtual event, “Invest In Our Planet.”

Sign up for “Cooking Up Sustainability: Lowering Your Kitchen’s Carbon Footprint” at 10 a.m. Friday, April 21. Registration closes one hour before at ed.fnal.gov/events/earthday/. A recording will be posted later.

How can we shop, cook, eat, and cleanup in the kitchen to lower our carbon footprint? There are lots of opportunities to make a more sustainable kitchen.

Cathy Clarkin, a Fermilab education facilitator, an environmental scientist, and an advocate and educator on sustainability, will share the environmental and climate impact of typical kitchen activities, discuss options for more sustainable alternatives, and provide ideas for how you can take action beyond your own kitchen.

Or watch on Fermilab Office of Education and Public Engagement’s YouTube channel, “Climate Action: A Better Future for You and the Planet!” or “Worming Your Way Into Composting.”