Truck crashes into gas station wall on Main Street in Norfolk

NORFOLK – Crews are on the scene after a truck crashed into a gas station and was left dangling over a retaining wall on Wednesday afternoon in Norfolk.

It happened in the area of Main Street and Rockwood Road. Witnesses said the truck went barreling through the gas station and crashed into the wall. A gas station pump and the wall were both damaged but no one was hurt.

“I was driving by and I was actually stopping at the firehouse across the street,” said firefighter Scott Smith. “And I heard a loud bang. When I looked up, I saw the truck kind of going through the gas pump, stopped for a second, and then he kind of sped up again and went flying through a couple of parked vehicles and almost all the way over the ledge. Since I was right in front of the fire station, I went in and alerted the firefighters. And before I could get back around the station, within 30 seconds they were already here, ready to rescue the guy with the ladder truck.”

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

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