WWE: 4x World Champion's 'retirement match' pitch scrapped due to 'scandal'

Goldberg’s retirement match pitch was scrapped by WWE due to the ‘scandal’ with Vince McMahon in 2022.

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Paul Heyman, according to reports, presented Vince with a pitch for Goldberg’s final match, but plans fell through when the 77-year-old retired in July of last year.

This comes after Goldberg expressed his anger with Vince in an interview this week for going back on a promise to allow him to have a retirement match.

Has Goldberg retired?

Goldberg left WWE in January 2023 when his contract with the wrestling juggernaut expired. However, news of his free agency only broke thanks to a report from Fightful in March.

With Goldberg now 56 years of age, many fans speculated that he’d just retire after leaving WWE, but comments he made in a bombshell interview with 93.7 The Ticket this week have confirmed that that’s not the case.

The four-time World Champion said that he isn’t retired yet, and actually put WWE and Vince McMahon on blast for not allowing him to have the retirement match that he was promised, which you can read more about by clicking here.

WWE is said to know that Goldberg isn’t done wrestling just yet, with Ringside News even reporting, which you can also read more about by clicking here, that there’s a chance that Goldberg goes and works for AEW.

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What was the pitch for Goldberg’s retirement match?

Goldberg’s last match came against Roman Reigns in February 2022, but as noted, the WWE Hall of Famer says that he was promised another match by McMahon, which would have seen him retire.

Ringside News is reporting that a pitch was actually made by Paul Heyman for Goldberg’s retirement, which Vince liked, but plans were pulled when McMahon had to retire in the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct.

The last idea about Goldberg’s retirement was a Paul Heyman pitch that Vince McMahon said he liked, but it was never discussed once the scandal started getting deep.

There’s no word on what Heyman’s pitch was, and who Goldberg would have been facing in his retirement match, but it seems like the idea wasn’t given the green light by Triple H when he took over Creative in July.

As noted, the future is very much up in the air for Goldberg, but it’s clear that the former Universal Champion doesn’t want to hang his boots up just yet, and isn’t done wrestling.

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