$150M contract for Sakku Investments Corp

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Sakku Investments Corp. landed a $150-million contract through the Government of Nunavut in April to operate the new Kivalliq Long-Term Care Centre in Rankin Inlet.

The contract, signed in partnership with Ottawa-based Embassy West Senior Living, is in effect for 10 years and comes with an option for a five-year renewal. The long-term care facility will contain 24 beds and offer levels 3-5 services for Elders with increasing needs. It’s expected to open in late fall or early winter.

Sakku Investments has also joined forces with Nunavut Arctic College to help promote the training of local personal support workers who will staff the long-term care centre. It’s estimated that the facility will create up to 45 jobs.

In a separate development last October, Sakku Investments officially opened the Uquutaq Centre Medical Boarding Home in Winnipeg. It was established at a former Clarion Hotel, which Sakku Investments purchased earlier in the year. There are 139 rooms and 40,000 square feet to host events and commercial office rentals.

Qikiqtaaluk Corp orders new fishing vessel

Qikiqtaaluk Corporation arranged for the purchase of an 80-metre fishing trawler last September.

A Spanish company will supply the vessel to be known as Saputi II.

It will be designed with a capacity for 1,100 tonnes of turbot and 750 tonnes of shrimp, which is a considerable upgrade from the Saputi’s 900-tonne turbot and 580-tonne shrimp limits.

Delivery of the ship, which cost close to $100 million and will employ up to 30 people, is expected by late 2025 or early 2026.

In its 2022-23 annual report, the most recent available as of late May, the Qikiqtaaluk Corporation indicated that it has 742 employees, a reduction of 30.1 per cent from 1,062 a year earlier.

There were 357 Inuit employees, comprising 51 per cent of the corporation’s workforce in 2022-23.

Boarding home expansion

An Edmonton-area boarding home that the Kitikmeot Corporation is involved in arranged to move into a new and larger location in June 2023.

Larga Homes, which is a joint venture with Nunasi Corporation and the Gwich’in Development Corporation, relocated from downtown Edmonton to a site near Edmonton International Airport in Leduc, Alta.

The upgrade was needed because there was greater demand than capacity for years. The new location has 115 rooms versus the 30 or so in the old location.

$3.4 million for Nunavut Development Corp

The Government of Nunavut has $3.4 million set aside for the Nunavut Development Corporation in 2024-25, matching the amount earmarked in 2023-24. The largest amount — $1.4 million — will go to grants and contributions. There’s $1.1 million for compensation and benefits. Travel and transportation is expected to consume almost $200,000, among lesser expenses.

Among its eight subsidiaries, Kitikmeot Foods in Cambridge Bay is set to get the largest contribution at $330,000. Next is Kivalliq Arctic Foods in Rankin Inlet at $260,000, then Uqqurmiut Arts and Crafts in Pangnirtung at $238,000, the Ontario-based sales division at $200,000, Jessie Oonark arts and crafts in Baker Lake at $165,000, Kiluk arts and crafts in Arviat at $140,000 and Taluq Designs arts and crafts in Taloyoak at $70,000. No government funding through the development corporation is listed for Papiruq Fisheries in Whale Cove or Ivalu arts and crafts in Rankin Inlet.

The GN describes the development corporation as “a territorial corporation that delivers programs and services designed to create employment and income opportunities, stimulate the growth of business and to promote the economic objectives of the Government of Nunavut.”

Fact file

Nunavut development corporations by region

Qikiqtaaluk Corporation

Qikiqtani Industry Ltd.

Qikiqtaaluk Properties Inc.

Qikiqtani Retail Services Ltd.

Qikiqtaaluk Business Development Corporation

Aqsarniit Hotel and Conference Centre

Qikiqtaaluk Fisheries Corporation

QC Fisheries Division

Nunavut Nukkiksautiit Corporation

Panarctic Communications

Qikiqtani Resource Institute

Akiuq Corporation

Sikku Corporation

Qikiqtaaluk Environmental

Tulaktarvik Inc.

Nunasi Corporation

NCC Development Ltd.

NCC Properties Ltd.

Larga Baffin

Nunavut Sealink and Supply Inc.

Toromont Arctic Ltd.

Uqsuq Corporation

Nunavut Petroleum Corporation

Unaaq Fisheries Inc.

Sanaviallianiq Ltd.

QC-Canadian Helicopters

Northern Coalition Corporation

Nunavut Fisheries Association

Nunavut Fisheries Marine Training Consortium

Inuit Development Corporation Association

Northern Shrimp Research Foundation

Kitikmeot Corporation

Acasta Helicopters

BBE Supply Chain Co.

Geotech Drilling Services

Geotech Ekutak Ltd.

Hiqiniq Energy Corp.

Kitikmeot BBE Expediting

Kitikmeot Blasting Services

Kitikmeot Camp Solutions

Kitikmeot Cementation Mining and Development

Kitikmeot Challenger LP (professional and engineering)

Kitikmeot Environmental

Kitikmeot Region Properties

Kitikmeot Tire Mine Services

Larga Kitikmeot

Larga Ltd.

Medic North Nunavut

Momentum North

Nasittuq Corporation

NCC Investment Group

Nuna Group of Companies

Nunami Stantec

Nunasi Corporation

Nunavut Resources Corporation

Nunavut Sealink and Supply Inc.

Pan Arctic Inuit Logistics Corporation

Panarctic Lightering Corporation

Qilak (logistics)

Tasiuq (logistics)

Top of the World Travel

Toromont Arctic Ltd.

Tundra Site Services North

West Kitikmeot Gold

Sakku Investments Corporation

Kivalliq Contractors Group

Ingirrajjutiit Corp.

Custom Helicopters

Nunavut Sealink & Supply Inc.

Kivalliq Development Corporation

Sakku Properties Ltd.

Sakku Innovative Building Solutions

NCC Investment Group Inc.

NCC Kivalliq Properties

Nukik Corporation

Kivalliq Alternative Energy

Sakku Enterprises Ltd.

Larga Kivalliq

Uquutaq Medical Boarding Home

Sakku/Embassy Corp

Tasiuq Ltd.

Arctic Kenworth (51 per cent stake)

Kivalliq Contractors Group/Sakku Mining (51 per cent stake)

Kivalliq Tire Mine Services (51 per cent stake)

Qaaqtuq Dyno Nobel (51 per cent stake)

Toromont Arctic (20 per cent stake)

Kivalliq Mechanical Solutions (51 per cent stake)

Nanuq Builders Group (51 per cent stake)

Nunami Stantec Ltd. (40 per cent stake)

Sakku and YAB Management Group (76 per cent stake)

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