AMFI Data: Debt funds see major outflows, thematic cap funds attract investor funds

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Equity mutual funds saw inflows worth Rs 40,537 crore during the month. On the other hand, debt funds saw outflows to the tune of Rs 1,07,357.62 crores. Out of this, liquid funds saw the maximum outflows of Rs 80,354.03 crores. This is generally attributable to investors withdrawing money to meet their advance tax obligations. Overnight funds also saw outflows to the tune of Rs25,142.72 crores.

Thematic funds saw massive inflows of Rs 22,351.69 crore and were the investor’s favorite during June 2024, revealed AMFI data. About 50% of the inflows in this category came from 9 new NFOs in this category, which amassed Rs 12,974 crore. In terms of inflows, multi-cap funds stood next, garnering Rs 4,708.57 crore in June 2024.

Amidst hybrid schemes, multi-asset allocation funds, which garnered Rs 3,453.12 crore in June, and Arbitrage funds, which saw inflows worth Rs 3,836.58 crore remained investor favorites. The only hybrid scheme to see outflows were conservative hybrid funds, which shed Rs 130.57 crore.

Large-cap funds see moderate inflows

Inflows in small cap funds tapered at Rs 2,263.47 crore, slightly below inflows seen by midcap funds, which stood at 2,527.84 crore. However, inflows in large-cap funds sobered significantly to stand at Rs 970.49 crore. However, investors clearly took a far greater liking to large and mid-cap funds, which saw inflows worth Rs 2,912.19 crore. This is indicative of investor’s growing confidence in the stock market, and the desire to diversify their investments and take risks.

As of June 30, 2024, the AUM (asset under management) of the Indian mutual fund industry stood at Rs 61.15 lakh crore. It took the MF industry 6 months to cross the Rs 60 lakh crore threshold. During the month, the number of new MF folios stood at an all-time high of 19.04 crore.

SIP Inflows at all-time high, Gold ETFs glitter hard

SIP inflows for June surpassed the Rs 21,000-crore mark, standing at Rs 21,262 crore, as against Rs 20,904.37 crore in May 2024. Passive mutual funds (ETFs, Index funds) also registered a solid growth, with index funds gathering Rs 5,071.82 crores and other ETFs pulling in Rs 9,134.06 crores. Gold ETFs registered the highest month-on-month growth, gathering Rs 726.16 crore during the month.

Out of the 17 NFOs which were up for subscription last month, 9 belonged to the thematic fund category, while 2 were index funds. Cumulatively, these NFOs amassed Rs 15,227 crores.