CoinTech2u 2.0: Pioneering AI-Driven Innovations in Cryptocurrency Trading

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SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / May 12, 2024 / CoinTech2u 2.0, A Big Success: CoinTech2u stands out as the unrivaled global leader in AI-driven innovation within the realm of crypto trading bots. We have implemented our 2.0 version along with the GamePlan 2024 Setting, which is a comprehensive technical innovation and strategic enhancement for our users. This full-scale implementation has been initiated for more than a quarter and has successfully marked ZERO records of liquidation from our users who have been applying the updated setting.

This is an extremely notable trading result that indicates the effectiveness and reliability of CoinTech2u in managing users’ trades. The prominent performance of CoinTech2u not only scales up the user experience and satisfaction, but also escalates our trading bot to the next level in terms of mechanism, functionality, and publicity. We are thrilled to announce a range of progressive updates of CoinTech2u in the coming Q2 2024 as follows:

AI Surge Protection: With the next Bitcoin halving happening in April 2024, the market is expected to experience heightened volatility. To cope with this scenario, CoinTech2u assures our users with the implementation of AI Surge Protection. AI Surge Protection is an avant-garde feature that precisely analyzes real-time market price movements and detects any unforeseen flash market pumps or dumps. It instantly and automatically adjusts the entry prices of the next order layer with the aim of effectively minimizing floating losses and reducing the likelihood of hitting the preset stop loss, thereby maximizing trading opportunities and profitability throughout every market movement.

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CoinTech2u’s AI Surge Protection: Fortifying Your Trades Against Market Volatility

Sub-accounts Feature: In conjunction with the GamePlan 2024 Setting by CoinTech2u, we are launching a user-friendly feature: CoinTech2u Sub-accounts. This new feature empowers users with greater flexibility by allowing them to create and manage multiple sub-accounts within one CoinTech2u account. Users can bind APIs with up to 5 accounts on exchanges (which can be the same or different exchanges). By consolidating multiple exchange accounts under one CoinTech2u account, users can monitor trading performance and access various exchanges simultaneously with just a click in their CoinTech2u account, making it more convenient.

Upcoming NFT Collaborations: With continuous support from our users worldwide, CoinTech2u is determined to add value by providing more options and valuable crypto assets. CoinTech2u is now gearing up to unveil our first Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collaboration. With this NFT, users are entitled to earn [Monthly Bitcoin Rewards] and gain high-value appreciation in times of growth in Bitcoin price. CoinTech2u’s initiative introduces NFTs as an innovative way to encourage our users to explore more crypto-related opportunities and maximize portfolio gains.

Integration with Additional Exchanges: CoinTech2u is expanding our courtesy services to more users in different countries by integrating with two more top-tier cryptocurrency exchanges. Through this integration, CoinTech2u is ready to provide additional options and opportunities for users to choose their preferred exchanges, access a diverse range of cryptocurrencies, and compare trading results across different exchanges. This integration efficiently enhances CoinTech2u’s market presence and reinforces our commitment to offering a diverse and comprehensive trading experience to our users.

Debuts on iOS App Store: CoinTech2u is soon to be officially listed on the App Store! With CoinTech2u available on the App Store, iOS users can seamlessly access their accounts directly from their Apple devices. Whether analyzing real-time market trends, executing trades with precision, or monitoring trading performance effortlessly, CoinTech2u offers a more user-friendly experience tailored to cater to the demands of iOS users. This marks a significant improvement in our milestones to provide more accessible and convenient trading solutions to our users.

These updates underscore our unwavering commitment to enhancing and optimizing the cryptocurrency trading experience for our users. We are dedicated to delivering top-notch service and eagerly look forward to embarking on this journey of mutual growth and success alongside our valued users.

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