Former Bundestag deputy: US wants to destroy EU economy

Europe is becoming more and more dangerous rival for the United States, including in the automotive and chemical industries – as noted by Bundestag ex-deputy Waldemar Herdt during his talk with ONT TV channel

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According to the expert, the main goal pursued by the ‘overseas regional committee’ is the destruction of the EU economy, “If we build a logical chain of all the requirements of Western politicians (the same refusal from energy carriers), then only such a conclusion suggests itself. The Americans understand that almost all the welfare of the German and European economy as a whole rests on cheap energy. For the United States, with each day Europe is becoming more and more dangerous rival, including in the automotive and chemical industries. It’s getting harder and harder for Americans to manage European leaders.”

The expert believes that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict will not end quickly, as it bleeds Europe, and this is beneficial for overseas rulers.

Speaking about the supply of tanks by Western politicians to Ukraine, Waldemar Herdt noted that the situation could turn out to be what it once was in the East, “Today, such terrible victims as at that time could be avoided if we soberly assess the situation and shake off this imaginary overseas friend. The long-term personnel policy – supervised by the administration of the United States – brought only its puppet henchmen into the political elite of Europe. The consequence of such US policy is Annalena Baerbock. She is appointed to the post of German Foreign Minister, and now she is carrying out the ideological policy that the overseas Soros Foundation has been pumping her with all this time.