Investments in launch of Superhumans rehabilitation medical center estimated at $54 mln


Investments in launch of Superhumans rehabilitation medical center estimated at $54 mln

 Investments in the launch of the Superhumans rehabilitation medical center in Lviv are estimated at $54 million, Superhumans CEO Olha Rudneva said.

“According to our estimates, we need $54 million for the launch and the first three years of operation of Superhumans,” she told Interfax-Ukraine.

According to Rudneva, the first stage of the project would include the repair of premises, the purchase of equipment, a year of payment for the work of a medical team, and the purchase of materials for prosthetics.

The second and third stages provide for the launch of all hospital buildings, the launch of an educational center based on Superhumans and expansion to other regions of Ukraine.

Rudneva noted that funds for financing the project are raised in Ukraine and abroad by fundraising. The project has already received support from the Howard Buffett Foundation, the Richard Branson Virgin Unite Foundation, Cargill, Payoneer, Freedom Finance, Loro Piano, Mastercard, SD Capital and others.

“Thanks to their support, we have a resource to launch. But since we will never charge patients for our services, we will be doing fundraising all the time,” she said.

According to Rudneva, the average cost of one prosthetic can be about $20,000, and in complex cases it can reach $100,000.

“Unfortunately, there are a lot of difficult cases – often first aid to victims is provided in the field, where doctors primarily perform the task of saving lives, and not calculating the minimum threshold for amputation,” she said.

At the same time, Rudneva noted that it is difficult to unify the average cost of prosthetics, which the patrons of the project are guided by, since “all cases are quite different.”

The CEO of Superhumans did not voice general current and forecast estimates of the need for prosthetics.

“The overall statistics regarding the victims of military operations is a sensitive figure, we publicly adhere to a cautious forecast – we believe that we are talking about thousands of patients,” she said.

Rudneva said that Lviv was chosen to start the Superhumans project for security reasons and relative proximity to the border, as the clinic expects many visits from medical and other specialists to provide advice and work together.

“Over time, we plan to reproduce the experience of launching Superhumans in other regions of Ukraine,” the CEO of the medical center emphasized.