John Cena Announces Retirement From WWE: 'We Are Planning Something Unforgettable'

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John Cena revealed his plan to retire from the WWE in an announcement that shocked fans at the Money in the Bank event on Saturday.

The wrestling icon, a 16-time world champion, sported a “The Last Time Is Now” t-shirt as he informed the Toronto crowd that he looks to retire from in-ring competition in 2025.

“This farewell does not end tonight. It is filled with opportunity,” said Cena, who noted his plans to take part in WWE Raw after it moves to Netflix in January.

The wrestler told fans to expect him at the 2025 editions of Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber as well as WrestleMania 41 in Las Vegas.

He later clarified in a post-show press conference that he’s eyeing at least 30 dates on his retirement tour between January and December 2025.

The wrestler, in response to the Toronto crowd chanting “Thank you Cena,” returned the favor by showing love to WWE fans.

“Thank you so much for letting me play in the house that you built for so many years,” Cena said.

He continued, “Thank you so much always for your voice because it’s really loud and your honesty because it’s beautifully brutal. And most of all, thank you so much for allowing me to be with you here tonight, to let the whole world know that we are planning something unforgettable which also involves me returning to Toronto to kick some ass.”

Cena, who signed with the WWE in 2001 and has since found a career in Hollywood, said he plans to remain in the “WWE family in some capacity for an extended time to come.”

“I’ve always said to the audience that the WWE is my home and I love it. Just because I physically feel I’m at my end doesn’t mean I need to distance myself from something I love,” said Cena at the press conference.

Paul “Triple H” Levesque, a wrestling legend and WWE chief content officer, said Cena “truly is” the greatest of all time.

“John’s contributions to the business, second to none. A lot of people talk about legends and icons and so much speculation made around who would be on the Mount Rushmore or whatever that is,” he said.

“But I don’t care what metric you use, John is at the top of all of them.”