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If you plan to diversify your portfolio in light of recent events, investing in gold stocks could be a good choice. Gold stocks not only track the movements of gold prices that tend to rise in uncertain times, but they also generally gain value in a rising stock market. 

Gold stocks could serve as a hedge to stocks you hold from other economic sectors. Gold stocks can also be traded speculatively in the current economic environment. 

Keep in mind that gold stocks can vary considerably in price and investment quality, ranging from highly-rated stocks to pink-sheet penny stocks. The best gold stocks for your portfolio will depend on your risk tolerance and financial objectives.   

Quick Look at the Best Gold Stocks:

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Newmont Corporation (NYSE: NEM) is the world’s largest gold mining stock. The Greenwood Village, Colorado-based company was incorporated in 1921 after being founded in 1916 by William Boyce Thompson. The company employs 24,000 people worldwide. 

Barrick Gold Corp. (NYSE: GOLD) is one of the largest gold mining companies in the world and is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The company was founded by Peter Munk and was listed as a publicly-traded company on the Toronto Stock Exchange in 1983. 

Kirkland Lake Gold (NYSE: KL) is based in Toronto and was founded by Brian Hinchcliffe and Harry Dobson in 1994. The company began operations as Brimstone Gold Corporation, growing through key acquisitions such as Foxpoint Resources in Vancouver and Kirkland Lake in Ontario. 

Best Online Brokers for Gold Stocks

You can buy gold stock through virtually any broker with access to major stock exchanges. Commission-free trading is also offered at many online stock brokerages. Some of the top U.S. brokers that you might consider when trading include: E*TRADE, T.D. Ameritrade, Charles Schwab or Interactive Brokers.  

Features to Look for in a Gold Stock

  • A strong balance sheet: As with stocks in general, a strong balance sheet with consistent earnings per share growth would qualify a stock for consideration. The balance sheet will also indicate the amount of cash on hand and the amount of debt outstanding. A miner needs cash flow to find more gold and to maintain the gold it holds in reserves, while more cash also generally indicates lower debt. 
  • Location of mining operations: Most investment-grade mining companies operate multiple mines in their base country, as well as in other countries where the company owns an interest in mines and mining operations. Mines operated abroad could be at risk for a number of reasons, including geopolitical concerns, although most mining companies work with the governing bodies of the countries where their mines are located. Ideally, mines located abroad should be in politically stable countries in order to mitigate geopolitical risks.  
  • Solid operating margins: In the gold mining business, the better the margins, the higher the cash flow. The margins for gold miners tend to improve as the gold price trends higher, thereby fueling further upside in the price of gold stocks. 

Is Now the Time to Buy?

The gold mining sector has been one of the few segments of the overall economy that managed to gain value during the COVID-19 world health crisis. The gains in gold stocks can be attributed to the surge in the price of gold, with many companies adjusting to temporary mine closings all over the world. Remember, though, that certain stocks could suffer for reasons not related to the industry. Plus, the gold industry is not perfect, and it could run into slumps from time to time.

Buying gold stock with gold at current levels makes sense if the price of gold holds strong and may present additional opportunities if the price of gold sells off. 

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Typically, gold holds its value, so gold stocks are considered a good investment.


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Investing in gold is always a good investment if you are looking to balance your portfolio.